The College Bookstore Sellback Scam

This pretty much sums up what college bookstores do to students: they sell expensive required textbooks.  Those textbooks aren’t the sort of thing anyone would want to keep.  The bookstore buys them back for a pittance.  Then the bookstore sells them as used for hundreds of percent markup.  It’s theft, pure and simple.

graphic via Erick Van Der Euncle.

2 thoughts on “The College Bookstore Sellback Scam

  1. John C. Poirier

    Once in a while, though, you come out a winner: I once needed Erickson’s *Systematic Theology* for a course I was taking at the M.Div. level. I bought it from CBD, and, when the course was over, I sold it to the college bookstore for more than I paid for it.


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