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The Bee Stings the Pious Meme / Vile Meme Christians

Local woman Cheyenne Phillips displayed a masterful balancing act in alternating profanity and praise on Facebook Thursday, according to sources. Ms. Phillips, 32, had just come home from her moms group when she decided to share with her followers an amusing image … Continue reading

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Target’s Plan to Help Those Who Self Identify as Old

60 is not far off. Confirming its commitment to celebrating inclusivity, Target announced in a blog post Thursday that it will now grant a 10% senior discount to any person who self-identifies as age 60 or older. It’s yet another bold … Continue reading

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Michael Langlois in Israel

This looks fun.

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“Die fantastischen Vier” – Philipp Melanchthon, Thomas Müntzer, Huldrych Zwingli und Johannes Calvin

Although I’m not sure why the nutbag Thomas Müntzer is included when Bucer or Oecolampadius is for more fitting… Luther-Bier, Luther-Brötchen, Luther-Tassen, kaum etwas, was sich nicht eignen würde, um es zum Reformationsjubiläum mit dem Konterfei des Übervaters der Reformation, Martin … Continue reading

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The College Bookstore Sellback Scam

This pretty much sums up what college bookstores do to students: they sell expensive required textbooks.  Those textbooks aren’t the sort of thing anyone would want to keep.  The bookstore buys them back for a pittance.  Then the bookstore sells … Continue reading

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He who is most deeply abased and alarmed, by the consciousness of his disgrace, nakedness, want, and misery, has made the greatest progress in the knowledge of himself. — John Calvin

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Today With Zwingli

Three works were published by Zwingli on April 27- Eine Antwort, Valentin Compar gegeben, 27. April 1525 Auszug aus des H. von H. Brief, 27. April 1531 Auszug aus dem Brief von dem S. v. H., 27. April 1531 The … Continue reading

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A Trove of Reformation Studies

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, ISD will be highlighting titles on Reformation history and theology throughout the year. Here we present the latest collection of new and forthcoming titles in Reformation Studies from Evangelische Verlag, V&R Academic, … Continue reading

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Why Do People Leave the Church?

Every Church has seen the sudden disappearance of some of its members.  Sometimes this happens because people move away.  Sometimes it happens because sometimes Church members cut way back on their attendance.  And sometimes they quit completely.  It’s the latter … Continue reading

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A New Volume From TVZ

More info here.

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Refo Thursday

Read the Christian History Institute’s post here.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Standing in Solidarity with CEU

Cambridge and Oxford Universities are teaming up to stand in solidarity with CEU, which is under heavy governmental fire. Oxford and Cambridge Universities generously offered to organize a series of three seminars entitled „We Stand with CEU: New Directions in … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger

On the 27th of April, 1535, Heinrich Bullinger’s aptly titled Bericht der krancken, Wie man by den krancken vnd sterbende[n] menschen handlen, ouch wie sich ein yeder inn siner kranckheit schicken vnnd zum sterben rüsten sölle appeared thanks to the … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times…

If you’re getting your ‘science’ from Bill Nye you need to stop it. It’s like getting your psychiatry from Dr Phil or your theology from Joel Osteen.

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With Biblical Literacy At An All Time Low in America…

It may be time for you to up your biblical knowledge. The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is the only series of Commentaries written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk in modern history. The … Continue reading

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The Making of the Tyndale House, Cambridge, Greek New Testament

Read the post here. Where do you start when preparing a Greek New Testament? Of course you can start absolutely from scratch, by typing in each and every letter and accent manually, with all the associated risks, but somehow this … Continue reading

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How Swiss Reformed Folk Have Influenced America

Schweizer reformierte Auswanderer haben ab dem 16. Jahrhundert grossen kulturellen und religiösen Einfluss in Europa und den USA gehabt. Sie seien gar für ein amerikanisches Schimpfwort verantwortlich, sagt der deutsche Volkskundler Helmut Seebach. Read the interview here. Interesting things abound.

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That Papal Pension of Zwingli’s

Ok, here are the facts- which cannot be seriously disputed: Zwingli’s Papal Pension Bullinger says (i., 8) that the Pope (Julius II.) gave Zwingli a pension, “for the purchase of books.” But this was a sort of euphemism, and was … Continue reading

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