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Radicalism and Dissent in the World of Protestant Reform

From V&R. The 500th anniversary of the onset of the Protestant Reformation is receiving global attention, both from the public and from academic researchers. However, the significance of the year 1517 has been an issue of scholarly debate for quite … Continue reading

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CHRISTIANITY IN EURAFRICA: A History of the Church in Europe and Africa

Nothing has bound Africa and Europe more together than the history of Christianity. From Paradise onwards, the Church has been the communion of believers. As the Body of Jesus Christ she started in Jerusalem. Through the proclamation of the Gospel … Continue reading

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99% of the People on Facebook and Twitter Who Talk About the Bible

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The Bee Stings the Silly Bill Nye, The Dr Phil of ‘Science’

In a rare display of surrender, scientists across the nation have given up their extensive search to prove that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is a reliable spokesperson for the principles of scientific inquiry. According to sources, researchers threw in … Continue reading

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Luther And Wittenberg, Part One

The Christian History Institute is posting, in three parts, an essay I’ve written on Luther and Wittenberg.  Part One is posted here.  Part Two will post next week and Part Three the week after.  I hope you enjoy all three.

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Why Does Jeremiah’s Message Sound So Contemporary?

Who will find me a wayfarer’s shelter in the desert, for me to quit my people, and leave them far behind? For all of them are adulterers, a conspiracy of traitors. They bend their tongues like a bow; not truth … Continue reading

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A Very Useful Post From Logos: Comparing Hebrew and Greek Texts

This week’s post is centered on the following question I received from a Logos user: I’m hoping you can help me with a frequent task: finding which Greek words (LXX) are used to translate a particular word in the Hebrew text. … Continue reading

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Asparagus Festival? Seriously??? Seriously????????

via-  I’m so glad I’m Baptist.

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ALERT: Hawarden Old Testament in the New Conference 2018 IMPORTANT NEWS

Susan Docherty writes, in part Dear all, I’m afraid there has been a mix up at the Hawarden end about our booking for the 2018 Seminar – they CANNOT after all accommodate us on the dates I recently circulated, i.e. … Continue reading

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Zwingli and Bullinger and their Influence: A Conference Announcement

Via Emidio Campi

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When Texts are Canonized

How did canonization take place, and what difference does it make? Essays in this collection probe the canonical process: Why were certain books, but not others, included in the canon? What criteria were used to select the books of the … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Always Offended

According to ominous local reports, a local woman was gravely offended over what several witnesses described an innocuous comment made to question the beliefs and convictions of the slighted individual. The victim in question was rumored to be “totally outraged” … Continue reading

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In Which Zwingli Explains Why He Published his Sermon on ‘The Choice of Food’

Because his enemies were misrepresenting the oral presentation, Zwingli expanded and published it. I have therefore made a sermon about the choice or difference of food, in which sermon nothing but the Holy Gospels and the teachings of the Apostles … Continue reading

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