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The Bee Stings Heretic Jakes

In an effort to ensure consistency and transparency across its various events and programs, a spokesperson for The Potter’s House Church in Dallas has confirmed that Bishop T.D. Jakes will be held to a two-heresy minimum each time he preaches. The announcement comes … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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Sorry Bucko but Abortion isn’t A Ministry, It’s Murder

I have now officially seen everything under the sun. Dr. Willie Parker believes he’s doing the Lord’s work when he kills unborn babies in the womb with his own “capable hands.” The self-proclaimed Christian, who not only acts as an abortionist, but … Continue reading

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Their wearers tend not to be grammarians… via Helen I.

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BBC Radio 3 and Luther

Next Sunday – 18:45 Breaking Free – Martin Luther’s Revolution: A Square Dance in Heaven Sunday Feature The Protestant Reformation has traditionally been regarded as “the triumph of the word”, marking a decisive shift from a visual and sensual culture … Continue reading

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Something Fun From David J.A. Clines

Read it here.

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We’ve Had A Lot of Rain Here

Many roads in the county north of us are washed out and schools are cancelled here and in most surrounding counties today because of the flooding.  Here’s my report to the weather folk for the last three days- Fortunately the … Continue reading

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Bible in Politics Conference: Hot Topics!

Originally posted on Harnessing Chaos:
Just before the General Election, CSSSB will provide the most up-to-date assessment of contemporary politics and possibly predict the election outcome with a 3% margin of error. Yes, finally some relevance for biblical studies for…

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The Reformations

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