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Just for the Joy of It

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The Story of Luther’s Reformation

Here.  In a series of videos.  And remember, even though they call it ‘The History of the Reformation’ it really isn’t that at all.  Rather, it’s the story of Luther’s little corner of a grand historical phenomenon.

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Eric Cline’s Latest Book

Jerusalem Besieged. Jerusalem Besieged offers a sweeping history across the millennia, yet focuses on a single location—a view of centuries of often violent battles for one city. Author Eric Cline tells the story of four thousand years of struggles for … Continue reading

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The Anna Bullinger Commemoration

The commemorative plaque for Anna Bullinger Adlischwyler unveiled! Heinrich Bullinger’s statue looks across the outer wall of Grossmünster straight at it. Via Rebecca Giselbrecht.

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Something to Think About

via Shawn Tabatt

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Quote of the Day

For a short time yet you must bear all sorts of trials (1 Pet. 1:6).

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