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The Bee Stings the ‘Love is Love’ Rubbish

If you heard a faint screaming on the morning wind when you woke up today, that was us 🙂 We were yelling with joy, because Apple just added a full set of emojis for polygamists to the iPhone, and we. … Continue reading

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P.Oxy. 5258. Ephesians 3:21-4:2, 14-16 (P 132)

With thanks to Rick *The Giant* Brannan for mentioning this essay on Academia.edu.  Enjoy.

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Ok people, look…  There hasn’t been anyone in the Hebrew Bible ‘confirmed’ by archaeology.  What’s happened is that names found in the Bible have also, on occasion, been found in the archaeological record.  To suggest that ‘Moses’, for example, has … Continue reading

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Refo Thursday: The Other Martin

“If you immediately condemn anyone who doesn’t quite believe the same as you do … pray tell, [who] can you still consider a brother?” — Martin Bucer In the fall of 2013 I was asked to join a production team … Continue reading

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The Tyndale House Greek New Testament Blog

This is worth adding to your blogroll and keeping up with.  With thanks to Peter and Dirk for a project long in the making and an end result that will DOUBTLESS add significantly to our knowledge of the text of … Continue reading

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The World is So Strange, And So Inconsistent

World- ‘abortion at 8 weeks is no big deal. it’s not a person, it’s a small nut’ World- ‘Serena was 8 weeks pregnant! she’s amazing!’ #InconsistentMuch? What this shows is that when it suits the world, a baby is nothing … Continue reading

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A Film About The Reformation’s Most Bizarre Character: Thomas MĂĽntzer

Am 25. April in der Kreisverwaltung Homberg (Efze): Der Film „Thomas MĂĽntzer. Reformator, Sozialrevolutionär, Bauernkrieger“. Wie Luther wendet sich der junge Priester Thomas MĂĽntzer gegen die kirchlichen und weltlichen Obrigkeiten. Auch er lebt mit einer geflohenen Nonne zusammen. Sein Glaube … Continue reading

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