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Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the folk who know Scripture so well they don’t have to study it would share their great knowledge at church?  Wouldn’t it be brilliant if all those saints who don’t need Sunday School or … Continue reading

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If You’re in The United Kingdom, Anywhere at All…

You should attend this because it will be, literally, the worst thing you will ever attend. Think of it. Nothing you ever do the rest of your life will be worse!

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The New ISD Religious and Biblical Studies Catalog


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#ICYMI – An Overview of James Barr’s Collected Essays

The three volumes published by Oxford and edited by John Barton feature all of these: VOLUME 1: INTERPRETATION AND HISTORY  Foreword, John BartonJames Barr Remembered, Ernest Nicholson & John BartonIntroduction, John Barton I: Biblical Interpretation and Biblical Theology 1. Does Biblical Study still belong … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Anonymous Twitter Christian

A brave internet user has discovered a creative, unique, and winsome way to protect the Christian faith against error and heresy: an anonymous Twitter account. Using the Twitter handle @PurestDoctrine4U, the person (who agreed to an interview Wednesday only if the secret … Continue reading

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The Textual History of the New Testament and the Bible Translator

An interesting essay, free for now – here. The present paper highlights the importance of attending to the ancient textual tradition within the process of translation. It argues that many of the scribes of the NT manuscripts perceived their own … Continue reading

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In Memoriam Melanchthon

The greatest of the German Reformers (yes, greater than Luther) died on April 19, 1560.  As our Saxon friends write Vor 456 Jahren starb der Reformator Philipp Melanchthon. Er war ein Überflieger, kein Zweifel. Mit 21 Jahren wurde Philipp Melanchthon, 1518, … Continue reading

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