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The Bee Stings the ‘Life Verse’-ers

Lots of Christians have a “life verse”—a Bible verse that they set aside as especially meaningful to them, tucking it into their heart as a reminder or inspirational thought they can turn to at any time during their faith walk. Do … Continue reading

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Wildhaus, Zwingli’s Home Town

Christophe Chalamet recently visited Zwingli’s birthplace and snapped some excellent photos!  (Photos I was unable to take when I visited because I had worn my poor camera battery completely out by the time I got there).  With thanks to him … Continue reading

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Aramaic Tobit at Qumran

Here’s a good one: For a long time, the book of Tobit has been studied as a one-of-a-kind composition, with other so-called “novels,” such as Esther and the book of Judith. However, the presence of Aramaic copies of Tobit among … Continue reading

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Things Melanchthon Said Before he Died

Vom freien Willen wird gelehret, daß der Mensch etlichermaßen einen freien Willen hat, äußerlich ehrbar zu leben und zu wählen unter denen Dingen, so die Vernunft begreift; aber ohne Gnad, Hilfe und Wirkung des heiligen Geistes vermag der Mensch nicht … Continue reading

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Pettegree Reviews Roper

Among many things, he notes It is inevitable that the anniversary of the Reformation would bring forth a flood of new publications. “Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet” is undoubtedly one of the best and most substantial. Deeply researched over a … Continue reading

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Christophe Chalamet Has a New Book Out

Une voie infiniment supérieure: Essai sur la foi, l’espérance et l’amour Le professeur de théologie Christophe Chalamet propose un essai audacieux qui, en s’appuyant autant sur ses convictions intimes que sur d’innombrables ressources théologiques, cherche à réfléchir sur la foi, … Continue reading

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Luther’s Wife, Luther’s Life

Here’s a new volume that will interest folk: Wenn Engel lachen: Die unverhoffte Liebesgeschichte der Katharina von Bora Fabian Vogt Weder die eigenwillige Katharina von Bora noch der ehrenwerte Professor Martin Luther hätten gedacht, dass aus ihnen mal ein Paar … Continue reading

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Today with Zwingli: His Adversary, ‘That Cumæan Lion’

“You should know that a certain Franciscan from France, whose name indeed was Franz, was here not many days since and had much conversation with me concerning the Scriptural basis for the doctrine of the adoration of the saints and … Continue reading

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Dear Academics

If you agree to provide an essay for a collection of essays or a Festschrift please respect the deadlines which the editors establish.  Taking said deadlines halfheartedly is a tremendous problem for those who are putting volumes together and strains … Continue reading

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