The Unwavering A-Theism of Pastor Robert Jeffress

In what should rank as one of the more ironic facts of modern politics, prominent Christian leaders and a record number of self-proclaimed evangelical voters supported for president a man of undisguised cruelty and unmatched narcissism. Indeed, for some evangelicals, those qualities worked in President Trump’s favor. Robert Jeffress, pastor of a megachurch in Dallas, explained that he did not want as president “some meek and mild leader or somebody who’s going to turn the other cheek.” What he wanted, Mr. Jeffress said, was “the meanest, toughest S.O.B. I can find to protect this nation.”

Since humility is so out of fashion as to almost have been forgotten, it’s worth making the case for how to rightly understand it, to articulate why humility is not only an essential Christian virtue but also, as my breakfast companion understood so well, an essential civic one.

Read the entire essay here, and if you ‘self identify’ as an ‘Evangelical’ you may want to reconsider, since in reality many of its leaders are, from a purely practical perspective, a-theists.  God doesn’t come into their reckoning.  And that is the opposite of theism.

In our day being the Pastor of a mega-church isn’t so much a sign of God’s blessing as it is that said pastor operates in the spirit of Antichrist.  Indeed, it is no stretch to suggest that Luther’s excoriation of the Papacy in his day and of his day can also be leveled at the mega-pastors of today.  Especially Jeffress.

“I believe the pope is the masked and incarnate devil because he is the Antichrist. As Christ is God incarnate, so the Antichrist is the devil incarnate. The words are really spoken of the pope when it’s said that he’s a mixed god, an earthly god, that is, a god of the earth. Here god is understood as god of this world. Why does he call himself an earthly god, as if the one, almighty God weren’t also on the earth?
“The kingdom of the pope really signifies the terrible wrath of God, namely, the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place. Therefore Christ says that he who reads this should mark it well. To be sure, it’s very exasperating that after Christ’s revelation a man should lift himself up above God in the church. If this had happened among the heathen before the revelation of Christ it wouldn’t have been very remarkable. That’s why we have been so diligently warned about this deadly pestilence by Daniel, Christ, Paul, Peter, and others. In spite of this, we Christians were so stupid that we asked for all the pope’s commands.

Substitute ‘Furtick’ or ‘Jeffress’ or ‘Osteen’ or ‘Jakes’ for ‘pope’ and you see the point.