The Trumpians Elected a President Who Hasn’t Found a Church Home Yet

Big surprise… the most immoral, pagan President elected in America’s history by people who by and large fancy themselves ‘Evangelicals’ (haha) hasn’t bothered with Church since he took office.

Washington churches have long welcomed presidents to their pews. Bill Clinton frequented a Methodist church, Jimmy Carter taught Baptist Sunday school and Barack Obama visited an Episcopal church near the White House.

As Easter Sunday arrives, President Donald Trump has not attended a church service in the capital since the worship events of his inauguration weekend.

Trump is spending the holiday at his private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, where he often weekends. The White House would not say if he’d go to Easter services, but last year he attended the nearby Episcopalian church where he and Melania Trump were married.

Where the president worships is always of interest in Washington. But compared to the buzz in 2009 over whether the Obamas would join a church, there has been less chatter this year. Some of the more liberal churches oppose Trump’s policies. Also, he’s out of town a lot of weekends. And he’s not seen as a committed churchgoer anyway.

He’s not seen as a Christian by anyone who knows what Christianity is.  Period.