And Now For Something Completely Different

(Police Dachau via AP)

Next time you think you’ve had a bad day- think of this German dad and daughter.

One can only imagine the expletives uttered by a Bavarian driver and his teenage daughter after a farmer accidentally filled their convertible with a trailer full of manure.

German police say the incident happened Saturday near the town of Altomuenster, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) northwest of Munich.

The 52-year-old father and his 14-year-old daughter were parked by the roadside when a tractor pulling a trailer of liquid manure swung in their direction.

The maneuver sent the entire load pouring into their Renault convertible, covering the occupants from head to toe with slurry.

Call For Papers Extended

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the religious holiday weekend, coupled with “tax day” in the United States, the SCSC President and Vice President have agreed to extend the deadline for panel, paper, and roundtable submissions for the 2017 Milwaukee conference until Midnight (Eastern US Time Zone) on Monday 17 April.

If you haven’t yet had time to submit your proposal, or have experienced difficulty with internet connections, we hope this short extension will give you the extra time you need to make your submission.

Please send an email to with any questions or if you experience any difficulty submitting.

The Bee Stings the Angry Agnostics

This Easter weekend, millions of people around the world will affirm their sacred belief that the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth around 30 A.D. in Jerusalem was an elaborate hoax pulled off by a few poor fisherman.

Speaking to reporters, one man explained how his belief that Jesus did not actually rise from the dead is foundational to his life. “At this time of year, my hope lies in my strong faith that the historical narratives and numerous eyewitness accounts of the risen Christ were in fact just part of the largest trick ever pulled off in the history of mankind.”

“Without my faith that it was all actually a vast, intricate fabrication carried out for unclear reasons, I don’t know where I’d be right now,” he added.

Pressed about the logic behind his beliefs—how feasible it would be for a few commoners to convince so many others about something so sensational without anyone bothering to fact-check the details or question local eyewitnesses, or how much sense it makes to believe that the disciples would suffer brutal, tortuous deaths and watch others be martyred for a hoax they knew to be false and gained nothing from—he smiled at reporters and replied, “You just have to have more faith.”

‘And He Descended into Hell’…

So says the Creed.  But is the Creedal statement Scriptural?

Here’s what Scripture says-

ἐν ᾧ καὶ τοῖς ἐν φυλακῇ πνεύμασιν πορευθεὶς ἐκήρυξεν (1 Pet. 3:19)

Accordingly, the creed is wrong on this point. Scripture says nothing about a descent into either ‘sheol’ or ‘hades’. Rather, Jesus went and preached to those ἐν φυλακῇ . What that is and where is of course a matter of discussion, but ‘hell’ is just that, an interpretation.

What is the Church?

From the Geneva Catechism:

M. What is the Church?
S. The body and society of believers whom God hath predestined to eternal life.

Outside the Church there is no salvation, nor any of the saved.  Outside the Church are only the damned.

The Trumpians Elected a President Who Hasn’t Found a Church Home Yet

Big surprise… the most immoral, pagan President elected in America’s history by people who by and large fancy themselves ‘Evangelicals’ (haha) hasn’t bothered with Church since he took office.

Washington churches have long welcomed presidents to their pews. Bill Clinton frequented a Methodist church, Jimmy Carter taught Baptist Sunday school and Barack Obama visited an Episcopal church near the White House.

As Easter Sunday arrives, President Donald Trump has not attended a church service in the capital since the worship events of his inauguration weekend.

Trump is spending the holiday at his private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, where he often weekends. The White House would not say if he’d go to Easter services, but last year he attended the nearby Episcopalian church where he and Melania Trump were married.

Where the president worships is always of interest in Washington. But compared to the buzz in 2009 over whether the Obamas would join a church, there has been less chatter this year. Some of the more liberal churches oppose Trump’s policies. Also, he’s out of town a lot of weekends. And he’s not seen as a committed churchgoer anyway.

He’s not seen as a Christian by anyone who knows what Christianity is.  Period.