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Alan Millard Eviscerates Doug Petrovich’s Notions on Hebrew and the Oldest Alphabet

Right here.  Enjoy.

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Simon Gathercole of Cambridge Eviscerates the ‘Jesus Mythicists’

Nice job, Simon.

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He is Not Here, He is Risen!

Let the reader understand…  [This is a subtle theological point having to do with the ‘flesh profiting nothing].

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A Luther Conference at Catholic University

Dear Members of the Society for Reformation Research, On May 30th to June 1st an international conference entitled “Luther and the Shaping of the Catholic Tradition” will be held in Washington, D.C., at the Catholic University of America, with a … Continue reading

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The Death of Christ

Of the Eucharist- They call it the body of the Lord, because in it is commemorated the fact that Christ took upon Himself flesh and died for us. They call it the remission of sins, because we return thanks for … Continue reading

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Just A Reminder…

Nothing has changed since the Virginia Tech massacre.    Nothing.

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United is Unbelievable: They Threatened a Seated First Class Passenger With Arrest if He Didn’t Surrender His Seat to a Higher Priority Passenger

United has lost its mind. It’s hard to find examples of worse decision-making and customer treatment than United Airlines having a passenger dragged from an overbooked plane. But United’s shabby treatment of Geoff Fearns, including a threat to place him … Continue reading

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The Whininess of Reza Aslan

RNS has an interesting essay on the academic response to Reza Aslan’s CNN special series on religion (the first episode of which I watched and really disliked) titled Reza Aslan and the ‘pettiness of academia’.  In short, Aslan attributes the … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion

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What’s So Good about Good Friday?

Our friends in Zurich give the low down on the day- Karfreitag und Karsamstag beschliessen die Karwoche, die nach dem Palmsonntag beginnt und den Gründonnerstag einschliesst. Der Karfreitag wird seit dem 2. Jahrhundert als Trauertag begangen. Dieser Tag ist der … Continue reading

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