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The Newest Issue of ETR is Devoted to The Reformation

Études théologiques et religieuses

SOTS Summer Meeting 2017

Note especially this bit-

The Jordanian Lead Books – Panel discussion (Dr James Aitken (Cambridge), Dr Margaret Barker (Borrowash), Professor Bernhard Lang (Paderborn), and Professor Alan Millard (Liverpool).

Oh my. Still?

Those Christian ‘Passover Seders’…

Christian ‘Passover seders’ make as much sense as Jewish infant baptisms.

Finally, Someone in the Media Who Understands Historical Context

“But interpreting new skeletons and new DNA data, however, requires both context and nuance that are often lost in popular presentations of archaeological data. While we should absolutely consider the similarities between daily lives of past people and ours today, we also need to remember that contemporary terms cannot necessarily be used in the same way, and that faulty and biased modern assumptions can pervade our interpretations of the past if we are not careful.”

Finally.  Enjoy a well written and intelligent essay.

The Difference Between American Christians and Egyptian Christians

Egyptian Christians would die to be in Church.  American Christians will hardly get out of bed to be in Church.