My Problem With The Barthians is Their Moral Inconsistency

Let me put it directly:

Many of the Barthians I know are rightly outraged at the immorality of one Donald J. Trump and have expressed that outrage on social media and blog posts.

Most of the Barthians I know are completely silent about the immoral behavior of Karl Barth.  They do not discuss it, and when it is discussed they invariably retreat behind the, they believe, theological cover- ‘but everyone sins.’

It is absolutely true that everyone sins.  It is also absolutely true that Barth is no worse than anyone else.

Since that’s the case, why do the Barthians condemn Trump whilst remaining silent about Barth’s sins?

In other words, the Barthians are moral equivocators.  Like the Trumpians, they will not critique their dear leader regardless of his deeds.  For that reason the Barthians and the Trumpians are identical in terms of morality and their moral center.  I.e. – theirs is nothing else but a situational ethic and as such un-Christian.

[NB- the same, mutatis mutandis, can be said of the Bonhoefferians].


Photo courtesy Deane G.  The words are Barth’s.  He might as well have called those windows ‘escape hatches’.