A Damning Non-Partisan Evaluation of Donald Trump’s Mendacity

“Politifact, the non-partisan, Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking organization, has determined that Donald Trump is the most dishonest politician they’ve ever evaluated. Of the unique statements he has made, 70% have been deemed to be some sort of lie. Of the 30% remaining, most of those statements were deemed to be at least partially dishonest as well — leaving only 4% of what Trump has said to be completely true.

That means the man tells some sort of falsehood 96% of the time. Only a fool would believe the words that come out of his mouth. He is the most dishonest President in American history. He may be the most dishonest person in this country. If anyone else lied 96% of the time that words came out of their mouth, we would sincerely assume they had mental health challenges. If he makes 100 statements, 96 of them are at least somewhat dishonest. That is not normal. He is not normal.

So, when he says these airstrikes were motivated by his compassion for Syrian children, I don’t think that statement falls in his tiny 4% window of truth. I just don’t.”

-Shaun King