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Total Depravity: The Thieving Fornicating Priest Edition

A Roman Catholic priest who fell in love with his housekeeper defrauded his parish of more than £50,000 while lavishing her and her daughters with gifts. Father John Reid, 70 was supposed to live a simple life, but spent £1,200 … Continue reading

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Great News From the Genizah Research Unit

From their facebook page- A new search tool which facilitates the exploration of the Taylor-Schechter Cairo Genizah Collection is now available. The keyword metadata provides a new way of searching and browsing the Collection both across broad subject areas and … Continue reading

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Expertise Matters

Read this. The attack on expertise was given its most visceral form by British politician Michael Gove during the Brexit campaign last year when he famously claimed, “people in this country have had enough of experts.” The same kinds of … Continue reading

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World Health Day, Depression, and Luther

Today is World Health Day and the focus this year is on depression.  Luther knew a bit about that subject so it might be worth sharing this observation of his: “And after I had made the profession [of obedience to … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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The Bee Stings the Mall-ish ‘Church’

After shopping for over three hours Sunday afternoon, the Gibson family suddenly realized they were actually on a megachurch campus, and not at a local mall as they had originally thought, sources confirmed. The family came to the realization after … Continue reading

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A Damning Non-Partisan Evaluation of Donald Trump’s Mendacity

“Politifact, the non-partisan, Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking organization, has determined that Donald Trump is the most dishonest politician they’ve ever evaluated. Of the unique statements he has made, 70% have been deemed to be some sort of lie. Of … Continue reading

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‘Eerdmans All Over’ This Week

Here.  Enjoy.

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The Bee Stings the Marginally Committed

Once again, nail on the head. Local father Trevor Michelson, 48, and his wife Kerri, 45, are reeling after discovering that after 12 years of steadily taking their daughter Janie to church every Sunday they didn’t have a more pressing sporting commitment—which … Continue reading

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Michelle Bachmann: Winner of This Week’s Dilly Award

Politicians should never pretend to be theologians.  Because they aren’t.  And Bachmann is a prime example. While speaking last week on the Last Days radio program “Understanding the Times with Jan Markell,” former GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann linked political advocacy … Continue reading

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From Rome to Zurich

From Rome to Zurich, between Ignatius and Vermigli brings notable scholars from the fields of Reformation and Early Modern studies [together] …. Touching Protestant scholasticism, Reformation era life writing, Reformation polemics – both Protestant and Catholic – and with several on … Continue reading

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The Obituary of Joseph Fitzmyer in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly

The latest issue of CBQ arrived today and most noteworthy is the obit of the brilliant Joe Fitzmyer-

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Quote of the Day

Whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple. –  Jesus

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Trump and the Syrian Babies and the Blood on American Hands

Donald Trump has rightly expressed concern for the children of Syria (though he seems to care nothing for the adults of that country being systematically exterminated by the butcher Assad).  So, in response to Assad’s war crimes what does Trump … Continue reading

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