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The Best Bio of Brunner Yet Written

Anhand der Quellen, vor allem von Briefen, Tagebüchern und nicht publizierten Manuskripten, gibt Frank Jehle Einblick in Leben, Werk und Wirken Emil Brunners. Das theologische Werk des Schweizer Theologen steht im Zentrum dieser umfassenden Biographie: Mit «Der Mittler» hatte Brunner … Continue reading

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Remember that time When Wipf and Stock Republished Brunner’s 3 Volume Dogmatics!

And couldn’t spell the word ‘Doctrine’…  (from SBL 2014). * ______________ * Sorry Wipfers, I just can’t control my impulses…

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Johannes Mathesius (1504–1565) – Reception and Dissemination of the Wittenberg Reformation through Preaching and Exegesis

Johannes Mathesius (1504–1565), preacher and pastor in Joachims­thal, Bohemia, belongs to the reformers who were strongly influenced by Wittenberg. After all, he was personally acquainted with Luther and Melanchthon. His sermons, of which the sermons on Luther are best known, … Continue reading

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Two Out of Three: Emil Brunner’s Dogmatics Online

The first two volumes of Emil Brunner’s Christian Dogmatics are online- Volume One Volume Two Unfortunately volume three isn’t.  But maybe it will be soon.  Or you could just buy the print edition.  It’s very much worth it.

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The Myth of Rebellious Angels: Studies in Second Temple Judaism and New Testament Texts

This excellent book arrived about a month back and I’ve since read through it.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb: The mythical story of fallen angels preserved in 1 Enoch and related literature was profoundly influential during the Second Temple period. In this … Continue reading

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A Gallery of Brunner

This gallery contains 8 photos.


Virtue Ethics, the Billy Graham Rule, and Mike Pence: A Response to Karen Swallow Prior

Originally posted on Reformed Book Reviews:
In the past week there has been much ado about Mike Pence and the “Billy Graham Rule.” The criticisms aimed at the Vice President for refusing to dine alone with a woman other than…

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Die historiche Frage geht uns als solche nichts an. – Emil Brunner [HT- Emil Brunner on the twitter].

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This Woman Should Keep Silent in, and About, the Church

It’s not surprising that Voskamp has said something irretrievably nonsensical- it’s surprising that people ‘liked’ what she said.  She is a heretic.  Let me say that more clearly so her admirers are left with no illusions: Ann Voskamp is a … Continue reading

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The more ’emancipated’ culture became, the less it emphasized reverence. – Emil Brunner

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Russia Has Banned This Image of Putin in Drag

So, naturally, here you go.  Because if any mass murderer deserves to be mocked, it’s Vlad the Putin.

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Peter Opitz Talks About the Reformation’s 500th

Watch this.

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“The power of darkness today seems to have received a free night from God that it may crush to pieces what it wills so that the nations realize to what place one comes when he abolishes God.”  –  Emil Brunner

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Quote of the Day

Autonomous reason …, reason as the final court of appeal, is the real core of sin, the secret heart of the contradiction in the nature of man.  — Emil Brunner

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Glaube ist nur dann wirklicher Glaube, wenn der Mensch sich aufgegeben sowie das Vertrauen in seine Religion hinter sich gelassen hat und allein in Gott Ruht.  – Emil Brunner

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Emil Brunner is > Karl Barth


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There is no forgiveness of sins without a truly repentant heart to which sin is sincerely painful and which renounces it with all its power.  – Emil Brunner

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Volumes By Emil Brunner You Need to Read…

And you can- for free- The Misunderstanding of the Church – Emil Brunner Man In Revolt – Emil Brunner The Mediator – Emil Brunner The Great Invitation – Emil Brunner

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On Sex and Sexuality: Male and Female Created He Them

The finest treatment of the theological meaning of sex and sexuality, and the dreadful effects of the Fall on our perceptions of that reality can be found in Chapter 15 of Emil Brunner’s ‘Man in Revolt‘ (though a better translation … Continue reading

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A Reminder to the Barthians Who Sneer at Brunner…

Brunner never committed adultery and that’s something old Karl can’t say.  But what’s odd is the fact that Gerhard Kittel and other early 20th century theologians are justifiably scorned by the Barthians for their sympathies with the Nazis ; but … Continue reading

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