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If You’re in Basel, Go to this On Thursday

Zwingli’s ‘Humor und Gesundheit’

Read it.

Wahr ist: Zwingli war kein Zwinglianer! Wer anderes behauptet, sitzt einer Zeitungs-Ente auf. Zwinglis Eigenart und sein Humor verschmolzen zu einer besonderen theologischen Legierung von Spott, Lachsalven und Humorfestivals des Glaubens. Zwingli nahm Luther mit seinem polternden Charakter klangmalerisch auf die Schippe: „Trotz, botz, plotz, plitzg, donder, po, pu, pa, plump.“ Episcopi (Bischöfe) wurden zu Apiscopi (Wegschauer). Sein Kanzelhumor war entlarvend. Einem Kollegen, der am Sakrament der letzten Ölung festhielt, liess er ausrichten, „er möchte doch das Öl für den Salat brauchen oder damit salben, wenn er Gliedschmerzen habe. Durch den Glauben werden wir selig, nicht durch das Öl, sonst müssten ja die Ziegenschläuche am seligsten sein, triefen sie doch davon.“ Von seiner Mutter hatte er sein humorvolles Gemüt. Seine Theologie und sein Nachdenken über Gott und die Welt waren mit der spitzen Feder des Humors geschrieben, die erheiterte und erfreute, jedoch auch verärgerte und diffamierte.

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It’s Almost Easter- So It’s Time for the ‘Bible Specials’

This one airs tonight. It’s on PBS so hopefully it’s better than the absolute garbage that NBC and CBS and ABC air when they do Bible stuff and surely it must be better than the general nonsensical speculation that NatGeo and the History Channel spew like vomit from a frat boy’s weekender mouth.  However, given the very opening of the trailer where they portray the nail being driven into the palm of Jesus’s hand, I have no hope that it will be.

You’ll have to decide for yourself because, frankly, the entire genre of the ‘bible special’ on the tv machine has such a long history of wretchedness that I can’t stomach them any more.



May I just say- women should be paid what men are paid for the same work.  #20percentcounts  #SimpleTruth #Equity #Fairness.  That is all.

Bible and Politics Conference: competition winner and registration

I didn’t win because the whole thing was rigged, just like the American election! (How else would we have ended up with Trump??)

Harnessing Chaos

We are currently in negotiation with competition winner of the free registration for the forthcoming Bible in Politics conference at St Mary’s University. As it is likely you didn’t win, register here: http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/169437

Details on speakers has been updatedhere. More details on titles and topics to come shortly…

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Call for Papers- Reformation on the Record

From the Zurich New Testament Blog

Paris Colloquium on the LXX Twelve Prophets

I’d have gone if he had posted this yesterday!

Septuaginta &c.

I am a little late in publicizing this event, but for those in the UK or the Continent there is a very interesting event coming up later this month for Septuagintalists. An international colloquium is to be held in Paris on the Greek version of the Twelve Prophets, called Les Douze Prophètes. Protocoles et procédures dans la traduction grecque: stylistique, poétique et histoire. Have a look at the poster, below.

This colloquium will take place over two days, from 27-28 April at the Maison de la Recherche at the Universitè Paris-Sorbonne (map). There is an excellent line-up of speakers:

27 April Schedule

Stylistique et poétique

10:00 – Jennifer Dines (University of Cambridge), “Design or Accident? Rhetorical touches in the Twelve, with special reference to the Book of Amos”

10:30 – Philippe Le Moigne (Université Paul-Valéry – Montpellier 3), “Les comparaisons dans la LXX d’Osée”

11:00 – Discussion & Break

11:30 – Nesina…

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A Fantastic Line up Of Panels for Wittenberg

See the list here.  It all happens at the ReforRC 2017 meeting.