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The Bee Stings the Mediocre ‘Facebook Theologians’

A brilliant theologian was reportedly able to condense the entirety of Scripture into a two-word Facebook comment Tuesday, instantly silencing all critics in the thread and garnering numerous “likes.” The gifted exegete, going by the name “Kyle Bro” on the social media … Continue reading

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If You’re in Basel, Go to this On Thursday

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Zwingli’s ‘Humor und Gesundheit’

Read it. Wahr ist: Zwingli war kein Zwinglianer! Wer anderes behauptet, sitzt einer Zeitungs-Ente auf. Zwinglis Eigenart und sein Humor verschmolzen zu einer besonderen theologischen Legierung von Spott, Lachsalven und Humorfestivals des Glaubens. Zwingli nahm Luther mit seinem polternden Charakter … Continue reading

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It’s Almost Easter- So It’s Time for the ‘Bible Specials’

This one airs tonight. It’s on PBS so hopefully it’s better than the absolute garbage that NBC and CBS and ABC air when they do Bible stuff and surely it must be better than the general nonsensical speculation that NatGeo … Continue reading

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May I just say- women should be paid what men are paid for the same work.  #20percentcounts  #SimpleTruth #Equity #Fairness.  That is all.

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Bible and Politics Conference: competition winner and registration

Originally posted on Harnessing Chaos:
We are currently in negotiation with competition winner of the free registration for the forthcoming Bible in Politics conference at St Mary’s University. As it is likely you didn’t win, register here: http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/169437 Details on…

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Call for Papers- Reformation on the Record

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From the Zurich New Testament Blog

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Paris Colloquium on the LXX Twelve Prophets

Originally posted on Septuaginta &c.:
I am a little late in publicizing this event, but for those in the UK or the Continent there is a very interesting event coming up later this month for Septuagintalists. An international colloquium…

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A Fantastic Line up Of Panels for Wittenberg

See the list here.  It all happens at the ReforRC 2017 meeting.

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