‘And the fly is saying…’: On flies, the campus, and the Bible

Richard Goode is the lord of the flies.

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

Newman University is situated next to a reservoir and, over the last few days, the current system of very warm air over Britain has resulted in the (sort of) annual ‘infestation’ of flies on the Newman campus. I have to admit to rather enjoying the sight of them dancing lazily in loose veils in the soft afternoon sun and their sudden appearance on a paper I am reading or scurrying across the desk. However, I am also aware that for those living in halls it can create feelings that are far less poetic! Nevertheless, it got me thinking about flies in the Bible and the ancient near eastern traditions.

James Fly Image by James Westwood

If I am in the minority among those living and working at Newman for rather relishing this phenomenon, I also have to concede that I appear to be a bit of an oddity where the ancients are…

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