Biblical Studies Carnival – March 2017

Take a look. I suppose.

Reading Acts

Image result for mad as a march hareJonathan Robinson has posted his “Mad as a March Hare” version of the Biblical studies carnival at  ξἐνος. He has hosted twice before,  2012 April Fools and 2010 Oktoberfest, but this is his best work yet.

Jonathan’s carnival is so large he had to post it in five parts (and kudos for avoiding calling it a Pentateuch). The Old Testament is here, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha here, the Paul and the rest of the New Testament are here (I guess that tells us something about Jonathan’s scholarly interests, even if the section is entitled “Short Sighted Charismatic Cult Leader from Tarsus”) and “all the rest” here. “All the rest” includes a recap of “David Congdon’s One Man Twitter Tsunami” (which may have led to a few unfollows) as well as a section on Politics and the Bible.

Jonathan offers this encouragement to Biblioblog readers:

Many Biblioblogs have fallen…

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