BNTS Call For Papers and Booking Opening

Dear Colleagues,

We will be opening booking for BNTC 2017 in Maynooth very soon.  The conference will run from Thursday 31st August – Saturday 2nd September 2017.  Registration is expected to be from 3pm with a reception at 5.30pm.
As part of the “Conference Fringe” there is an optional trip to Dublin on Thursday morning to Chester Beatty and the Book of Kells.  Those who wish to participate will be able to arrive in Maynooth on Wednesday 30th August.  A bus will take the group into Dublin (10 EUR), but you will return by train (which is very easy, and costs 8 EUR).  Entrance to the Book of Kells is 5 EUR.
The “down time” for this year’s conference will be on Friday evening, when a concert is due to be held in the magnificent chapel.
A reminder that the Call for Papers for the Conference is open.  Details are below, and also available on the website (click on seminar title for each individual call).  Proposals must be with Seminar Chairs by Friday 21st April 2017. Proposals for simultaneous short papers should be sent to me, but *not* to this email account. Instead use: p,midd…  A further reminder that those working on Hebrews now have a full session.
I will be in touch very soon about conference booking details.
Best wishes,
Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society