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Fun Facts From Church History: Luther’s Name

Most folk think that ‘Luther’ is a form of the family name ‘Luder’ and that Martin Luther simply took to spelling his name in the more modern format.

Not so.  Rather, sometime after the 95 Theses made him well known he adopted the Greek name Ελευθπριυς and though he signed his work with that name for a bit he finally shortened it to the simple ‘Luther’ because he was the ‘freed one’.  See further the discussion in L. Roper ‘Martin Luther’ and the notes thereto (p. 86).

Die Reformation auf der Leipziger Buchmesse

This is an interesting essay.

Im Jahr ihres 500-jährigen Jubiläums ist die Reformation auch auf der Leipziger Buchmesse ein großes Thema. Neben zahlreichen neuen Titeln, die sich mit der Erneuerungsbewegung und Martin Luthers Leben und Wirken auf ganz unterschiedliche Weise auseinandersetzen, werden auf der Buchmesse und beim Lesefest “Leipzig liest” vom 23. bis 26. März auch Ausstellungen, Diskussionsrunden und Poetry Slams präsentiert.

Martin Luther’s Open Letter to the US Congress

You are like mouse-dropping in the pepper. –  Martin Luther

Signs of the Times: The Absurdity of This Government

Those Wonderfully Pious Souls Who Love Their Faith and Shack Up…

Local Catholic couple Jenny Barkley and David Rondo, who have been cohabiting for two years with no intention of marrying, announced to friends during lunch today that they would have to stick to fish options due to the Lenten fast.

“I grew up super Catholic,” Barkley said. “My mom would kill me if she found out we weren’t observing the Church’s laws on abstinence…from meat.”
Rondo agreed with his girlfriend, but also said that it went beyond being afraid of letting loved ones down.

“You know, Jenny’s right when she talks about not wanting to let our parents and loved ones down, but you know what, I’ll take it a step further. I’d be more disappointed if I let this guy down,” he said thumping his chest with his thumb, before pointing to the sky and saying, “and that guy too.”
Though they don’t have plans to marry anytime soon, the couple do have big plans for the future, including cohabiting in a bigger apartment in a trendier neighborhood. In the meantime, they’ll keep abstaining from meat on Lenten Fridays. After all, it’s “a Catholic thing,” as Jenny reminds her co-workers every Friday during Lent.

There are a lot of Baptists just like this.  Except they eat chicken.

David Clines on Creation

Thanks to Richard Goode for pointing this out-

#ICYMI- Lutheran Satire’s View of Rachel Held Evans’ View of the Millennials View of the Church

Bravo, Lutherans, Bravo.

via Lutheran Satire on FB

via Lutheran Satire on FB