Theologians You’ve Never Heard Of

Christopher Koerner was born at Buchen, in Franconia, in the year 1518. In his thirteenth year he began the study of the languages and of theology under his relative, Conrad Wimpina. In the year 1540 he began to teach in the University of Frankfort-on-the-Oder. In the year 1564 he was made ordinary professor in the University, and in 1581 he became General Superintendent of Mark Brandenburg. He died March 18, 1594. Because of his learning he was called “the eye of the University.” He was at the Torgau Convention in 1576, at Bergen in May, 1577, at Tangermünde, March, 1578, at Schmalkald in October, 1578, and at Jüterbogk in January, 1579. He was a true Lutheran, but was by no means so passionate, so controversial, so one-sided, as was his colleague, Musculus. In 1568 he was in essential agreement with George Major and Victorine Strigel, whom he called sound teachers.*

*James W. Richard, The Confessional History of the Lutheran Church (Philadelphia: Lutheran Publication Society, 1909), 451.

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  1. Claude V. 18 Mar 2017 at 12:34 pm

    But of course as the whole world now knows, the most famous theologian and the best (OK, Jim, the second best …but it is still debated) scripture scholar is still Trump :


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