#ICYMI – On Keeping Your Books: An Observation

bookstandNPR’s Fresh Air had the most delightful author – Penelope Lively – on in March 2014.  She was asked, in the course of the interview, why she kept all her books (she has a large collection) when it is unlikely that she will re-read many, if any.

Her answer:  that they charted the course of her intellectual life and bidding them farewell would be to lose a part of herself.

I thought that a grand answer.  Books are friends who, in her words, “wave to us from the shelves”.  And I thought to myself as I drove along – I can’t part with my books any more than I can part with my true friends.

Like her, I may not re-read many of them but they remind me of places and ideas and people; and those things I’m not willing to lose.

One thought on “#ICYMI – On Keeping Your Books: An Observation

  1. Daniel

    Truer words never spoken. My books are not suitable for recycling anyway. Too many notes and drawings in them.


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