If You’re Going to Be a Pastor, Don’t Attend a Seminary That Doesn’t Offer or Require Hebrew and Greek

Annette Theis tweeted- “Ohne Sprachverständnis kein Verständnis von Texten, Bibel, Glaubensaussagen”.  She’s 100% correct.  And it has to be said, additionally, that Pastors who don’t know the biblical languages are robbing their congregations of a fuller understanding of Scripture and Seminaries which don’t offer, if not require, the biblical languages are robbing Pastors and Churches of their right to comprehend the Bible.

It should even be said that Churches should require their Pastors to know, or learn the Biblical languages as a requirement for employment.  Yes, it’s that important.  Yes, it’s that critical.

No hospital would hire a physician who had no understanding of human anatomy.  Exposition of the Bible requires, yes requires a thorough understanding of the languages in which it was written and no Church should tolerate a Pastor who has no grasp of those languages.  Hebrew and Greek (and Aramaic) are the equivalent of anatomy for Biblical interpretation.  If you don’t know the anatomy of Scripture, you will never be able to explain its meaning and application.

The time for excuses is over.  Take the time, and make the time, if you are a Pastor, to learn Hebrew and Greek (and learn them well). Lay off the gameboy and get to work.

One thought on “If You’re Going to Be a Pastor, Don’t Attend a Seminary That Doesn’t Offer or Require Hebrew and Greek

  1. this is a true sound advice! I admit that I have a working knowledge of Greek due to circa 3,5 years of study in seminary and on my own, and am very good in researching it when and as needed, but an illiterate in biblical Hebrew. I further admit that without condemning my past ministerial life, I could have been much better and more effective if I had continued my studies on biblical languages. Of course I am studying Greek again now as fast and as effectively as I can, but, Good Lord, how can ministers go through a lifetime attempting to teach and lead their congregations without any, often zero, contact with the biblical original languages????? Especially now when there are even free resources all over the place.


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