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The Oxford Comma Made an Appearance in a Maine Courtroom

And it turned out to be critically important.  Because it is.  So there, haters.

A Maine court ruling in a case about overtime pay and dairy delivery didn’t come down to trucks, milk, or money. Instead, it hinged on one missing comma.

Delivery drivers for local milk and cream company Oakhurst Dairy have been tussling with their employers over whether they qualify for overtime. On March 13, a US court of appeals determined that certain clauses of Maine’s overtime laws are grammatically ambiguous. Because of that lack of clarity, the five drivers have won their lawsuit against Oakhurst, and are eligible for unpaid overtime.

The profoundly nerdy ruling is also a win for anyone who dogmatically defends the serial comma.

The serial comma, also known as the Oxford comma for its endorsement by the Oxford University Press style rulebook, is a comma used just before the coordinating conjunction (“and,” or “or,” for example) when three or more terms are listed. You’ll see it in the first sentence of this story—it’s the comma after “milk”—but you won’t find it in the Maine overtime rule at issue in the Oakhurst Dairy case. According to state law, the following types of activities are among those that don’t qualify for overtime pay:

The canning, processing, preserving,
freezing, drying, marketing, storing,
packing for shipment or distribution of:
(1) Agricultural produce;
(2) Meat and fish products; and
(3) Perishable foods.

There, in the comma-less space between the words “shipment” and “or,” the fate of Kevin O’Connor v. Oakhurst Dairy was argued. Is packing (for shipment or distribution) a single activity that is exempt from overtime pay? Or are packing and distributing two different activities, and both exempt?

Bible and Politics Conference June 2017: Win a Free Registration!

I don’t know what any of this means or who these people are, but I feel like I have to share it because Crossley is blackmailing me…

Harnessing Chaos

The forthcoming Bible and Politics conference at St Mary’s University (2-3 June, 2017) is drawing near. As you will no doubt be aware, it will involve critical analyses of uses of the Bible in politics in a range of geographical and cultural contextsroughly within the timeframe ofcapitalist modernity. The keynote speaker is Erin Runions. For details about the conference seehere.

Brace Belden, also kind to stray dogs

As is the custom with the annual St Mary’s conference, there is a competition for one free registration. This year it was decided that the competition ought to be “political” and about higher education (you’ll probably find the Bible too if you look hard enough). So this year it is about who replaces whistleblower Edward Snowden as Rector of Glasgow University after his term comes to an end in April, 2017. There are a range of candidates for the position this…

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Luther Places a Craigslist Personal Ad

From a twitter friend- this genius bit-

Biblia Germanica

Hendrickson have published the brilliant Biblia Germanica, Luther’s 1545 edition of the German Bible.

No other German book has exercised for centuries such a profound effect on the German language as the German Bible of Martin Luther. Over time other German translations appeared, and in the present we see an almost bewildering abundance of new translations, but the Luther Bible launched the progression of the German language. In addition, the Luther text set binding standards for dealing with the biblical word. The output is one column set, with the exception of the Psalter and the Proverbs of Solomon, which are in two columns. This print is a replica of the 1545 Luther Bible, of which only two originals are left. This replica maintains the numerous wood cuts, headings, and explanatory notes of Luther.

They’ve sent along, with excessive kindness, a review copy.  More anon- and here it is in its box and shrink wrap:

Listen to Herman Selderhuis at WTS NOW Live!

Here-  https://www.facebook.com/WestminsterTS

The Best Thing That Could Happen to Christianity…

Would be for Christianity to be outlawed.  Then the Church would be de-wormed and only actual Christians would participate in the life of the Church.  Cultural Christians would fade out of the picture and the Church could return to its calling freed from its bondage to the whims and whimperings of the marginally committed complainers and half hearted pseudo-disciples.

Judentum und Antisemitismus in Europa

Auf vielfachen Wunsch und auf rege Nachfrage hin sind die Vorträge über Judentum und Antisemitismus in Europa der Ringvorlesung des letzten Sommersemesters am Campus Landau publiziert worden.

Begleitend zur Ausstellung „Ertragen können wir sie nicht“, die sich mit Luthers Stellung zu den Juden befasst, hatte der Fachbereich 6 (Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften) am Campus Landau die öffentliche Ringvorlesung „Konflikt ohne Toleranz?“ durchgeführt.

Unter dem Titel „Juden und Antisemitismus in Europa“ ist nun die Sammlung mit elf interdisziplinären Beiträgen auf 360 Seiten im renommierten Verlag Mohr-Siebeck in Tübingen erschienen und an den Buchhandel ausgeliefert worden. Thematisch spannen sie den Bogen von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart, mit einem Schwerpunkt auf der Neuzeit. Auch das Verhältnis des Koran zum Judentum wird thematisiert. Die ausgewiesenen Forscher und Experten aus Judaistik, Religionswissenschaft, Theologie, Geschichte, Germanistik und Soziologie (darunter die Professoren M. Tilly, A.M. Ritter, A. Kohler, V. Leppin, G. Hübinger, T. Brechenmacher) haben sich daran beteiligt.

Wie der Herausgeber, Akademischer Direktor Dr. Ulrich A. Wien, mitteilt, kommen auch regionalgeschichtliche Facetten zum Tragen: Sowohl der Beitrag über das „Entjudungs“-Institut in Eisenach (D. Schuster) als auch über pfälzisch-elsässische Begegnungen sowie ein recht gut dokumentiertes Religionsgespräch zwischen Juden und Multiplikatoren der Reformation (K. Molitor) dokumentieren die neuen Forschungserkenntnisse.


“Nicolaus von Amsdorff”-Band 32 der Reihe “Leucorea Studien”

Der Herausgeber hat bei der Katalogisierung der Eisenacher Ministerialbibliothek einen in der bisherigen Amsdorff-Forschung unbekannten Manuskriptband wiedergefunden. Er enthält insgesamt 23 Schriften und Fragmente Nicolaus von Amsdorffs.  Mehr zu den Bänden der Reihe unter: http://www.eva-leipzig.de/reihen.php?id=18

Via EKD.

NT Wright on #RevelationsGate