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Quote of the Day

“It is not kindness to tell patients that need strong medicine that nothing serious is wrong with them.” —Cornelius Van Til

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The Oxford Comma Made an Appearance in a Maine Courtroom

And it turned out to be critically important.  Because it is.  So there, haters. A Maine court ruling in a case about overtime pay and dairy delivery didn’t come down to trucks, milk, or money. Instead, it hinged on one … Continue reading

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Bible and Politics Conference June 2017: Win a Free Registration!

Originally posted on Harnessing Chaos:
The forthcoming Bible and Politics conference at St Mary’s University (2-3 June, 2017) is drawing near. As you will no doubt be aware, it will involve critical analyses of uses of the Bible in politics…

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Luther Places a Craigslist Personal Ad

From a twitter friend- this genius bit-

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Quote of the Day

“The punishments of hell differ in degree, according to the quality and measure of sins.” — Hollazius

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Biblia Germanica

Hendrickson have published the brilliant Biblia Germanica, Luther’s 1545 edition of the German Bible. No other German book has exercised for centuries such a profound effect on the German language as the German Bible of Martin Luther. Over time other … Continue reading

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A Great Quote from the Selderhuis Luther Lecture at Westminster

Is this one- Here’s the full quote from which that excellent snippet is extracted: He has accomplished what he was called to do. He has introduced among us [the knowledge of] languages, and has called us away from the sacrilegious … Continue reading

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Listen to Herman Selderhuis at WTS NOW Live!

Here-  https://www.facebook.com/WestminsterTS

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The Best Thing That Could Happen to Christianity…

Would be for Christianity to be outlawed.  Then the Church would be de-wormed and only actual Christians would participate in the life of the Church.  Cultural Christians would fade out of the picture and the Church could return to its … Continue reading

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Judentum und Antisemitismus in Europa

Auf vielfachen Wunsch und auf rege Nachfrage hin sind die Vorträge über Judentum und Antisemitismus in Europa der Ringvorlesung des letzten Sommersemesters am Campus Landau publiziert worden. Begleitend zur Ausstellung „Ertragen können wir sie nicht“, die sich mit Luthers Stellung … Continue reading

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“Nicolaus von Amsdorff”-Band 32 der Reihe “Leucorea Studien”

Der Herausgeber hat bei der Katalogisierung der Eisenacher Ministerialbibliothek einen in der bisherigen Amsdorff-Forschung unbekannten Manuskriptband wiedergefunden. Er enthält insgesamt 23 Schriften und Fragmente Nicolaus von Amsdorffs.  Mehr zu den Bänden der Reihe unter: http://www.eva-leipzig.de/reihen.php?id=18 Via EKD.

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NT Wright, Again, On #RevelationsGate

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NT Wright on #RevelationsGate

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#ICYMI- Tom Wright Called ‘Revelation’ ‘Revelations’

Dear Tom, just so you know, it’s not ‘Revelations’… It’s Revelation.  Apparently NT Wright isn’t sure of the title of the book.  In this video, at 4:23, he calls the Book of Revelation the “Book of Revelations”.  How sad.  F-

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It’s Easy To Understand Why Trump Didn’t Want to Release His Taxes: He Stinks at Business

His 2005 returns, reported by MSNBC, showed a loss of over 100 million dollars.  What kind of good business person loses so much money that his tax returns reflect 100 million in write offs? It’s easy to understand why he … Continue reading

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