Go Teach New Testament in Copenhagen

Assistant Professorship in New Testament Studies

Job content
The position will be located in the Biblical Studies Section. The Biblical Studies Section focuses on the interpretation of the Biblical scriptures in the original languages, including their historical, religious, cultural and social context. Insights and methods derived from philology (classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew etc.), linguistics, archaeology, history, sociology as well as ancient and modern hermeneutical theories all play a necessary role in this endeavour.

The position is in New Testament Studies. The assistant professorship is a further education position. The primary tasks are research and research-based teaching.
The ideal candidate should demonstrate an active research agenda in the area of Early Christianity, including both so-called orthodox and heterodox communities and their scriptures. Skills in languages in addition to ancient Greek and Hebrew, such as Coptic or Syriac, will be appreciated.

The assistant professor is expected to contribute actively to the development of the Section’s research profile. The successful candidate has to be able to conduct research-based teaching within the New Testament writings, including associated examination and supervision related to the theology programmes (Bachelor, Master levels), the master programme Religious Roots of Europe and the postgraduate courses that the faculty offers. If the successful candidate does not have formal pedagogical training he/she is expected to complete the teacher training programme of University of Copenhagen.

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