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The Bee Stings the Baptists Who Think Reagan is their Savior And the GOP is ‘God’s Own Party’

Well said, Bee, well said.

Leadership at the Southern Baptist Convention proudly announced Monday a newly approved congregational prayer: the “Hail Reagan,” an intercessory prayer to be utilized when church members wish to petition the “blessed Saint Ronald Reagan” for grace and mercy.

The full text of the prayer was published on the SBC website and is reproduced below.

Hail Reagan, full of grace.
Our Lord is with you and the GOP.
Blessed are you among presidents,
and blessed are the Reaganomics you espoused.
Holy Reagan, Father of the modern Republican party,
pray for us Baptists,
now and during election season.

According to the SBC press release, the prayer can be assigned as penance for believers who step outside traditional Republican ideals on any issue or otherwise “fail to render to the GOP its proper honor and glory.”

It’s funny because the way some Baptists act it’s true.

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13 Mar 2017 at 6:24 pm

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Boy The Speculation Boggles the Imagination…

Rampant even.

Speaking of Bible and Interpretation

I really wish they’d get an email subscription widget or something so that we can get alerts for new articles.  It would be a boon.

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13 Mar 2017 at 2:53 pm

Paul Anderson on CNN’s Latest Bible Escapade

In Bible and Interpretation.  Enjoy.

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13 Mar 2017 at 2:51 pm

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I Couldn’t Agree More…

It’s just a shame that the SBC leadership didn’t have this attitude when the fundamentalists were dismantling theological education at SEBTS in the 80’s as they had earlier done to SBTS and NOBTS.

Funny, isn’t it, how when you’re grasping for power you’re happy to justify conflict but when you’re in power you don’t want it.

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13 Mar 2017 at 12:28 pm

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Go Teach New Testament in Copenhagen

Assistant Professorship in New Testament Studies

Job content
The position will be located in the Biblical Studies Section. The Biblical Studies Section focuses on the interpretation of the Biblical scriptures in the original languages, including their historical, religious, cultural and social context. Insights and methods derived from philology (classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew etc.), linguistics, archaeology, history, sociology as well as ancient and modern hermeneutical theories all play a necessary role in this endeavour.

The position is in New Testament Studies. The assistant professorship is a further education position. The primary tasks are research and research-based teaching.
The ideal candidate should demonstrate an active research agenda in the area of Early Christianity, including both so-called orthodox and heterodox communities and their scriptures. Skills in languages in addition to ancient Greek and Hebrew, such as Coptic or Syriac, will be appreciated.

The assistant professor is expected to contribute actively to the development of the Section’s research profile. The successful candidate has to be able to conduct research-based teaching within the New Testament writings, including associated examination and supervision related to the theology programmes (Bachelor, Master levels), the master programme Religious Roots of Europe and the postgraduate courses that the faculty offers. If the successful candidate does not have formal pedagogical training he/she is expected to complete the teacher training programme of University of Copenhagen.

The rest of the details are here.

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13 Mar 2017 at 12:03 pm

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The Love of Money

‪How many Christians who skipped worship yesterday skipped work today? probably none. #TheLoveOf Money‬

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13 Mar 2017 at 8:58 am

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Why Is It That Proponents of Abortion Always Ask….

‘Are anti-abortionists willing to feed and house and raise all the children whose abortion they oppose?’ but are never asked ‘are opponents of the death penalty willing to house, feed, and clothe the violent criminals sentenced to death in their own homes?’

For myself, I’d happily house a child.  A serial killer, not so much.  And isn’t it odd that most proponents of abortion oppose the death penalty so that it’s ok to kill a child but not a murderer?

[Meanwhile, opponents of abortion are often supporters of the death penalty.  The irony.  Oh the irony].

[Oh, and for full disclosure, I oppose abortion on demand and the death penalty.  Except in the case of child molesters or child murderers.  Those people should be executed.  The day they are convicted].

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13 Mar 2017 at 8:02 am

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Those ‘Lead Codices’ That Margaret Barker Keeps Pushing? Jordan has Disavowed Them

AMMAN — The Department of Antiquities (DoA) on Thursday announced that the lead codices it seized with the help of security authorities around seven years ago have not been proven to be authentic so far, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

DoA Director General Monther Jamhawi said that a national team of researchers and specialists scanned the area of the alleged cave where the codices were allegedly found but did not find any relevance between the codices and the cave, particularly as no cavities in the cave’s walls were found.

The department described the findings of British scientist David Elkington as baseless, stressing that the cave was not found and the pictures he has have nothing to do with the cave that was visited, which indicates that his insistence on the originality of the codices is groundless and not credible.

With a lot more from the esteemed Jim Davila.  It’s time for Margaret to ‘let it go’.

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13 Mar 2017 at 7:08 am

New PhD Program in Septuagint Studies (McMaster Divinity College)

About time.

Septuaginta &c.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I occasionally lament the fact that there are very few options for studying the Septuagint at the graduate or postgraduate level. This is particularly true in North America if you are hoping to find a supervisor for your doctoral work. In the past, I have assembled an unfortunately short list of North American graduate programs in Septuagint. (I am also working on a post that will list current scholars involved in supervising Septuagint PhDs, so stay tuned for that.)

Thankfully, the situation is about to change for the better. McMaster Divinity College, located in Hamilton, ON, has announced the launch of a new doctoral program focused specifically upon Septuagint studies. In case you are unaware, McMaster is an excellent institution that is quickly becoming known for churning out well-trained and rigorous PhDs, particularly in biblical studies…

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Fun Facts From Church History: Trashy Novels Weren’t Welcome in Calvin’s Geneva

sillySome of the ladies (and odd men) like ‘Romance novels’ but in Calvin’s Geneva such books were unwelcome. As P. Henry remarks

We learn from the state-register of March 13, 1559, that romance-reading was altogether prohibited in Geneva. It is said:—“Inasmuch as many persons are in the habit of reading Amadis de Gaule, which contains much that is licentious and wicked, let them be gravely admonished, and let the said book be abolished and destroyed.” Shortly after Calvin’s time, Henry Stephens was excommunicated and imprisoned, because he had written a dissolute book.*

You have to admire Calvin.  He knew garbage when he saw it.  The world would be a better place if unrealistic titillation didn’t exist (fostering, as it does, unrealistic expectations and inevitably, disappointment).  In the real world, ladies, men wear shirts, and cut their hair.  And don’t work out 12 hours a day.  Just so you know…

*P. Henry, The Life and Times of John Calvin, the Great Reformer Volume 1, p. 174.

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A Review of Martin Luther- The Musical

Here.  And here’s the core bit:

Luther ist kein Oratorium und auch kein Musical, es ist eine theologische Nummernrevue. Es ist der große populäre Aufschlag zur Wissensvermittlung im Jubiläumsjahr. Schirmherren des Ganzen gibt es deshalb viele. Unter ihnen sind Margot Käßmann, Eckart von Hirschhausen, Olaf Scholz, Heinrich Bedford-Strohm und Fritz Kuhn. Gestemmt hat das Werk die Stiftung Creative Kirche aus dem Ruhrgebiet gemeinsam mit der EKD.

Der Kapuzenpulli macht Luther modern und anschlussfähig, er macht den Reformator zu einem von uns, und er war insofern der genialste Griff der Musicalmacher. Luther ist aber keiner von uns. Und auch sein “Wir sind alle Gottes Kinder!” hört sich unangenehm zudringlich an, wenn man so en gros damit beschallt wird.Man kann diesen Kapuzenpulli-Luther mögen – aber es wird eben ein Kapuzenpulli-Luther bleiben.

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Routledge, Taylor & Francis is pleased to announce the publication of the first 2017 issue of Reformation & Renaissance Review, which will also be available to view online.

This issue contains the following articles:

More information


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