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The Bee Stings the Baptists Who Think Reagan is their Savior And the GOP is ‘God’s Own Party’

Well said, Bee, well said. Leadership at the Southern Baptist Convention proudly announced Monday a newly approved congregational prayer: the “Hail Reagan,” an intercessory prayer to be utilized when church members wish to petition the “blessed Saint Ronald Reagan” for … Continue reading

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Boy The Speculation Boggles the Imagination…

Rampant even.

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Speaking of Bible and Interpretation

I really wish they’d get an email subscription widget or something so that we can get alerts for new articles.  It would be a boon.

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Paul Anderson on CNN’s Latest Bible Escapade

In Bible and Interpretation.  Enjoy.

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I Couldn’t Agree More…

It’s just a shame that the SBC leadership didn’t have this attitude when the fundamentalists were dismantling theological education at SEBTS in the 80’s as they had earlier done to SBTS and NOBTS. Funny, isn’t it, how when you’re grasping … Continue reading

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Go Teach New Testament in Copenhagen

Assistant Professorship in New Testament Studies Job content The position will be located in the Biblical Studies Section. The Biblical Studies Section focuses on the interpretation of the Biblical scriptures in the original languages, including their historical, religious, cultural and … Continue reading

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The Love of Money

‪How many Christians who skipped worship yesterday skipped work today? probably none. #TheLoveOf Money‬

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Why Is It That Proponents of Abortion Always Ask….

‘Are anti-abortionists willing to feed and house and raise all the children whose abortion they oppose?’ but are never asked ‘are opponents of the death penalty willing to house, feed, and clothe the violent criminals sentenced to death in their … Continue reading

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Those ‘Lead Codices’ That Margaret Barker Keeps Pushing? Jordan has Disavowed Them

AMMAN — The Department of Antiquities (DoA) on Thursday announced that the lead codices it seized with the help of security authorities around seven years ago have not been proven to be authentic so far, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, … Continue reading

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New PhD Program in Septuagint Studies (McMaster Divinity College)

Originally posted on Septuaginta &c.:
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I occasionally lament the fact that there are very few options for studying the Septuagint at the graduate or postgraduate level.…

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Fun Facts From Church History: Trashy Novels Weren’t Welcome in Calvin’s Geneva

Some of the ladies (and odd men) like ‘Romance novels’ but in Calvin’s Geneva such books were unwelcome. As P. Henry remarks We learn from the state-register of March 13, 1559, that romance-reading was altogether prohibited in Geneva. It is … Continue reading

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A Review of Martin Luther- The Musical

Here.  And here’s the core bit: Luther ist kein Oratorium und auch kein Musical, es ist eine theologische Nummernrevue. Es ist der große populäre Aufschlag zur Wissensvermittlung im Jubiläumsjahr. Schirmherren des Ganzen gibt es deshalb viele. Unter ihnen sind Margot … Continue reading

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Routledge, Taylor & Francis is pleased to announce the publication of the first 2017 issue of Reformation & Renaissance Review, which will also be available to view online. This issue contains the following articles: Foreword, by Maria-Cristina Pitassi; Editorial, by … Continue reading

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