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Congress Doesn’t Work For You…

It works for lobbyists. 

This Seems Appropriate Today

‘Mother of the Year’ – Not. This Woman in Labor Demanded an Injection of Meth and Heroin

Police in New Hampshire say a woman in labor demanded to be injected with heroin and methamphetamine before 911 could be called.

Police in Concord arrested 29-year-old Felicia Farruggia this week, about six months after her son was born. The state has custody of him.

Police also arrested 37-year-old Rhianna Frenette, of Belmont, accused of giving Farruggia the drugs. They’re charged with felony reckless conduct; Frenette also faces a misdemeanor count on the same offense.

Police say Frenette used an unsanitary syringe to try to inject Farruggia at least once before she was successful. Firefighters arrived and Farruggia gave birth while entering the ambulance.

Both were held on bail Wednesday. It wasn’t immediately known if they had lawyers.

Take the child and place it in an adoptive family.  This person deserves no children.

Yeah, I Have to See This When it Comes Out

It’s Time to Spring Forward…

If you Haven’t Seen This Yet…

Happy Purim- and, Watch this Funny Video

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