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Zwingli For Today

reformers1.jpgThe promiscuous pairing of animals, even in our judgment, is not base, though such pairing of human beings is most base. But what is it that absolves them but condemns us? The Law. For by the divine law we are confined within the barriers of matrimony.— Huldrych Zwingli


Regrettably I had to leave the Ref500 conference at Union early due to exigent circumstances.  What I did have the good fortune to experience was really excellent and I plan to return to Union for their next conference (on biblical studies).

Reza Aslan’s CNN Religion Special…

Exudes condescension and reminds one of the attitude of someone visiting a carnival sideshow.  Azlan’s unfounded sense of superiority undermines what could have been a meaningful special.

My New Book on Bonhoeffer is Free for a limited Time!

In fact, it is below:

Bonhoeffer stinks, his theology is lame, and you would do better to read Servetus than him.

This book may be freely distributed.