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Donald Trump Has Gotten Chinese Approval For Brothels and Casinos

I hope the ‘Christians’ supporting Trump realize what kind of person they’ve cast their lot in with.  Although, given their track record, I doubt they care. Chinese authorities have granted preliminary approval for dozens of Trump-branded businesses, expanding his commercial … Continue reading

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Pardon? What? Come Again? What’s That Ya Say?

There’s only one King of the Universe.  Just one.  That’s it.  Is theology not offered in Seminary anymore?  Has Seminary become a Marketing program?  Anyway, apparently, the Gospel Coalition guys don’t own Bibles.  Or read them. For my sake and … Continue reading

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Sign the Petition to Rescind Free Health Care for Congress

Let your Representatives and Senators pay for insurance like you do.  Sign here.

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It Doesn’t Really Work That Way…

But go ahead and try…

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Important News For Residents of North America Concerning an Important Commentary Series

ISD is now distributing the series “Evangelisch-Katholischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament” (“Protestant-Catholic Commentary on the New Testament,” EKK) from Verlagsgruppe Patmos. We are happy to offer a standing order discount of 20% for the series. For those who would like to fill … Continue reading

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Check This Out On #InternationalWomensDay: Women of the Reformation

Right here.

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Oh… No… They… Didn’t….

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The Idolatry of Love

Love, apart from God, is never love  in real form but rather self love and hence an idol.

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Luther at Calvin College

From March 9-31, 2017 a special poster exhibition entitled Here I Stand will be on display at the the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies at Calvin College, Grand Rapids. Graphic-novel-style scenes and engaging maps highlight important aspects of … Continue reading

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Why The Reformation Still Matters- Karin Maag

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Why Yes, Yes it Does

This book offers a concise and highly-readable explanation of the dramatic changes that took place during the Reformation and helps readers understand the deeper impact of the Reformation beyond its own time period. Changes in theology and in worship, in … Continue reading

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