Don’t Shove Words Down the Bible’s Throat

Earlier today someone called @crazypastor tweeted-

“The Bible calls us to stand in solidarity with the poor, not demonize and blame them for their reality.”

So I responded

Can anyone help me locate this verse?

Of course no one can, because no such ‘Bible calls us’ passage exists.  Which brings me to my present point:  ‘the Bible calls us to stand in solidarity… etc., except it simply doesn’t.

‘Theology informs us-‘ well, ok, I can live with that.  But don’t shove words into the Bible’s mouth just because people are so ignorant of it that they don’t know you’re lying about it.  No one benefits by misrepresentation.  And there’s enough misrepresentation of the Bible around these days as it is.  Just watch any Bible ‘special’ or movie on tv.

If you have a point to make, make it honestly and use theological resources like the Bible accurately.  Otherwise, just be quiet.