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From Gutenberg to Luther

Printed book cultures in Scandinavia before 1525 were formed by their vicinity to expanding European book markets. Collections of prints were founded, decisions on printing books in Scandinavia were based upon thorough knowledge of what printers on the continent achieved … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Luther, Cheer Me Up…

The children of God have all the afflictions. The ungodly children of Satan enjoy the highest state of well-being. Everything seems the opposite of what it should be. The godly are maltreated, the ungodly receive gifts. In this vein the … Continue reading

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I Like This Priest. A Lot.

Local pastor Fr. Ron Porter was forced to stop midway through his homily Sunday morning to passive-aggressively attempt to quiet an unruly toddler. Porter reportedly stopped several times during the course of his homily before finally telling his parishioners that … Continue reading

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Calling All Reformation Scholars

Does ANYONE have a searchable edition of the WA? Pdf doesn’t work for searches and I need to track down a couple of references.  Thanks.

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The Bee Stings Theologically Unfounded Christian Cliches

Seasoned mountain climber Randall Jespers tumbled hundreds of feet down the El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park Sunday after reportedly deciding to “let go and let God.” “I don’t know,” said Jespers, of Sacramento. “I was at a really tough spot on The Cap, a … Continue reading

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‘The Shack’ Reviewed (The Book- But the Movie Couldn’t Be Any Better, Could It?)

Here.  The author of the review makes the points which need to be made.

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Got this email and my response is- nope.  No nutbaggery allowed: Dear Jim, I’d read the miracle in Cana, when H20 becomes Merlot, countless times. (Hope you appreciate the funny rhyme if you read it aloud :).  But I’d never … Continue reading

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Stop It… Stop Saying ‘Jesus was a Refugee’

Dear people who constantly refer to Jesus as a ‘refugee’.  Stop it.  The sojourn in Egypt as ‘proof’ that Jesus was a refugee is absurd.  Learn a bit of form criticism before you make use of stories from the Gospels … Continue reading

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