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On Atheists and Scholarship: An Observation

Atheists can make great historians but not great theologians for the same reason that mutes can make great listeners but not great speakers.  Again, atheists can make great historians but not great biblical scholars for the same reason that mutes can make great listeners but not great speakers.

Signs of the Times


An Observation on those Angry Ex-Christians or Ex-Academics

People who leave the church or academia because of something are the same as people who leave their boy/girlfriend: their comments about their ‘ex’ are completely untrustworthy.

Signs of the Times



Today With Luther

It was 5 March, 1545 that Luther published the first collection of his works, in Latin.  After a long preface in which he recounts his history, he remarks

I relate these things, good reader, so that, if you are a reader of my puny works, you may keep in mind, that, as I said above, I was all alone and one of those who, as Augustine says of himself, have become proficient by writing and teaching. I was not one of those who from nothing suddenly become the topmost, though they are nothing, neither have labored, nor been tempted, nor become experienced, but have with one look at the Scriptures exhausted their entire spirit.

To this point, to the year 1520 and 21, the indulgence matter proceeded. Upon that followed the sacramentarian and the Anabaptist affairs. Regarding these a preface shall be written to other tomes, if I live.

Farewell in the Lord, reader, and pray for the growth of the Word against Satan. Strong and evil, now also very furious and savage, he knows his time is short and the kingdom of his pope is in danger. But may God confirm in us what he has accomplished and perfect his work which he began in us, to his glory, Amen. March 5, in the year 1545.*

Amen, and amen.
*Luther, M. (1999). Luther’s works, vol. 34: Career of the Reformer IV. (J. J. Pelikan, H. C. Oswald, & H. T. Lehmann, Eds.) (Vol. 34, p. 338). Philadelphia: Fortress Press.