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Calvin Has A Reminder For You As You Begin Your Weekend…

It ought to be observed, however, that every one who hears the voice of the Gospel, if he do not embrace the forgiveness of sins which is there promised to him, is liable to eternal damnation.  — John Calvin You’re … Continue reading

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The Best Commentary Yet

Dr Jim West has undertaken the phenomenal task of writing a commentary on every book of the Bible! And what strikes this reader most forcefully is its faithfulness to what it says on the tin: West’s efforts have been expended … Continue reading

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Salus extra ecclesiam non est

OUTSIDE THE CHURCH OF GOD THERE IS NO SALVATION.    We esteem fellowship with the true Church of Christ so highly that we deny that those can live before God who do not stand in fellowship with the true Church … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Heresy Called ‘The Shack’

A group of friends walking out of a matinee showing of the new movie adaptation of William P. Young’s bestselling novel The Shack Friday afternoon excitedly discussed their newfound misconceptions about the nature of God and the Trinity, sources confirmed. “I … Continue reading

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Luther Addresses The White House

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The Bee Stings the Sci-Fi Bible Scholar’s Cabal

Today a spokesman for Logos Bible Software, Marty McSchoen, announced the release of a Klingon Interlinear Study Bible Package. “Truth be told,” McSchoen told reporters, “this whole story is kind of bizarre. It was not an intentional move on our … Continue reading

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Giovanni Garbini’s Last Book

Published posthumously.  I miss my friend.

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Luther For the Youngsters

Unterwegs mit Luther – Ein Comic für den RU in Klasse 7–10 Martin Luther war die schillernde Persönlichkeit der Reformation. In diesem Comic wird sein Leben in einem einzigartigen Stil nachgezeichnet und didaktisch aufbereitet.Martin Luther hatte viele Gesichter. Er war … Continue reading

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February 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival

Originally posted on Pursuing Veritas:
Welcome to the February 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival! Assembled below are the very best articles written this past month from around the Biblioblogging world.  I know this firsthand because I have spent all month sifting…

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Americans Are Getting Dumber and Dumber

Just in cast the recent election didn’t plunge you into deep despair about America, maybe this will…

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The Publication of the Proceedings of the First Zurich Disputation

It only took a couple of months after the First Zurich Disputation concluded (in January, 1523) for the proceedings to be printed and published by Froschauer at the direction of the Council (on 3 March). The First Zurich Disputation was … Continue reading

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