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The Best Commentary Yet


Dr Jim West has undertaken the phenomenal task of writing a commentary on every book of the Bible! And what strikes this reader most forcefully is its faithfulness to what it says on the tin: West’s efforts have been expended “for the person in the pew”.

In other words, one should not expect the usual exhaustive analysis of syntax, interpretive options, history of scholarship and such like. These commentaries are written so that the reader needs no theological education, and West presupposes no ability to read Greek or Hebrew. Anyone can read and understand these.

The result is like going through the biblical texts, with a scholarly pastor, who pauses to make a number of bite-sized observations on the way. And whatever one thinks of those annotations, anyone can follow and digest them. West writes with a heart for the church, and his unique character and love for scripture are obvious in these pages.

Dr. Chris Tilling
New Testament Tutor,
St Mellitus College & St Paul’s Theological Centre

The PDF’s of the entire series are available. You can acquire them from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.  And be sure to include your email address so they can be sent to you.

Salus extra ecclesiam non est

OUTSIDE THE CHURCH OF GOD THERE IS NO SALVATION.    We esteem fellowship with the true Church of Christ so highly that we deny that those can live before God who do not stand in fellowship with the true Church of God, but separate themselves from it. For as there was no salvation outside Noah’s ark when the world perished in flood; so we believe that there is no certain salvation outside Christ, who offers himself to be enjoyed by the elect in the Church; and hence we teach that those who wish to live ought not to be separated from the true Church of Christ. — Heinrich Bullinger

The Bee Stings The Heresy Called ‘The Shack’

A group of friends walking out of a matinee showing of the new movie adaptation of William P. Young’s bestselling novel The Shack Friday afternoon excitedly discussed their newfound misconceptions about the nature of God and the Trinity, sources confirmed.

“I just love how the Father was represented as a matronly woman, just hangin’ out and making pancakes for everyone,” one of the moviegoers reportedly said as he tossed his empty bag of popcorn into a waste bin. “That’s definitely the most faithful representation of Almighty God I’ve seen on the big screen.”

Another member of the group agreed. “Yeah, and how she showed her scars from the cross. I’ve never thought about how the Father was crucified with the Son—but it’s all so clear now.”

“That stuff is great, but I really liked how Jesus was so chill,” another chimed in, according to sources. “When he goes running on the water with Mack, I was like, yup—classic Jesus. That’s the Savior of the world if I’ve ever seen Him.”

At publishing time, several members of the group reportedly could not wait to start discussions with family and friends so they could enlighten them with their newfound misconceptions about the nature of the eternal Lord of all creation.

Theological ignorance abounds in Hollywood.  Those people are worse than Servetus.

Luther Addresses The White House


The Bee Stings the Sci-Fi Bible Scholar’s Cabal

Today a spokesman for Logos Bible Software, Marty McSchoen, announced the release of a Klingon Interlinear Study Bible Package.

“Truth be told,” McSchoen told reporters, “this whole story is kind of bizarre. It was not an intentional move on our part at all, actually.”

Pressed for an explanation, McSchoen said that the whole thing started with “some of our code monkeys horsing around in the lunch room. It came out that some of them had spent more time in high school than they ought to have . . . um, learning Klingon. That was kind of a thing in the Seattle area at the time.”

Some of them, running with the joke, reportedly translated and formatted the book of Philemon and put it up on their product page as a kind of obvious spoof. “Nobody,” McSchoen said, “absolutely nobody was expecting the pre-orders we got.”

“So we did a lot of checking. Turns out this is a thing.”

“Anyway, that’s how it all happened.”

Another big surprise were the additional manuscript submissions they received. The most unusual was from a gentleman in Illinois, who offered them the Klingon publishing rights to Matthew Henry’s Unabridged Commentary. “He sent it in to us too,” McSchoen said. “Formatted and everything.”


Giovanni Garbini’s Last Book

Published posthumously.  I miss my friend.

Luther For the Youngsters

Unterwegs mit Luther – Ein Comic für den RU in Klasse 7–10

9783525702291Martin Luther war die schillernde Persönlichkeit der Reformation. In diesem Comic wird sein Leben in einem einzigartigen Stil nachgezeichnet und didaktisch aufbereitet.Martin Luther hatte viele Gesichter. Er war Mönch, Theologieprofessor, Reformator, aber auch Ehemann, Vater und ein durchaus schwieriger Charakter. Dieser Facettenreichtum wird aufgenommen, um den Schülerinnen und Schülern ein möglichst differenziertes Bild des Menschen Martin Luther zu geben. Der didaktische Anhang zeigt Möglichkeiten auf, den Comic ertragreich in Ihrem Religionsunterricht einzusetzen.Die schwarz-weißen Seiten im gedruckten Buch sind gut für den Kopierer geeignet. Im mitgelieferten E-Book finden Sie sie gleichzeitig einsatzbereit in Farbe.

February 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival

They’ve done the Carnival. It’s a good collection of collectibles.

Pursuing Veritas

february-2017-bscWelcome to the February 2017 Biblical Studies Carnival!

Assembled below are the very best articles written this past month from around the Biblioblogging world.  I know this firsthand because I have spent all month sifting through as many blogs as possible to find the finest that scholars and students have to offer. This month’s carnival includes submissions from the categories of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, New Testament, Early Christianity, Reading Phil Long (an homage to the Godfather of Biblical Studies Carnivals), Theology and Hermeneutics, Book Reviews, Tools and Resources, and News.

Looking forward to future Carnivals, March will be hosted by Jonathan Robinson and April by Joshua Gillies of Theologians, Inc. (@Whitefrozen). Cassandra Farrin (email) of Ethics and Early Christianity hosts in June, Reuben Rus of Ayuda Ministerial/ Resources for Ministry hosts in July, and Jason Gardner of eis doxan hosts in August.

You’ll note that this schedule…

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