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The Septuagint Song

On the IOSCS facebook page this happy news: We now have our very own anthem! On the occasion of the 2017 International Septuagint Day, Brent Niedergall composed the Septuagint Song. For those interested, I have attached the sheet music. — … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the Puffed Twitter Profile

Internet users looking at Jacob Livingstone’s Twitter profile—which features a professional photo of him laid over a background gradient, along with a cover photo depicting a large city at night—might be led to believe the man is an important figure in … Continue reading

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The New Edition of Schattenwurf Zwingli

For March.  Enjoy.

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The Bee Stings the Lent Braggarts

A recent study performed by LifeWay Research confirmed Wednesday that one’s level of closeness to the almighty God was directly proportional to how often they loudly proclaim what they gave up for Lent this year. The study surveyed thousands of Christians who … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings The Hipster Fascination with Ash Wednesday

Sources from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church confirmed Wednesday that progressive Reverend Laura Frier rubbed ashes in the form of a question mark on every parishioner’s forehead, in lieu of the traditional sign of the cross. “We just really don’t know, … Continue reading

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Martin Luther Addresses the US Congress

People of your sort are hirelings, dumb dogs unable to bark, who see the wolf coming and flee or, rather, join up with the wolf.  — Martin Luther

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Flucht und Identität. Die religiösen Flüchtlingsgemeinschaften im frühneuzeitlichen Europa

A Conference at the John a Lasco library.  All the details are here.

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The Invisible Heroines of the Reformation

Read this.

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Quote of the Day

“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” — Thomas a Kempis

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Vorrede zur Prophetenbibel

On 1 March 1529 Zwingli’s edition of the Prophets was published; the Vorrede zur Prophetenbibel. Dann obglych vormaals ein vertolmetschung der propheten ußgangen, ward doch dieselbe vonn vilen einvaltigen unnd guothertzigen(als von den widertoeufferen ußgangen) nit wenig geschücht, wiewol dieselbe, … Continue reading

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Ad Theobaldi Billicani et Urbani Rheii epistolae responsio

The Lord’s Supper occupied Zwingli from 1522 onwards with things coming to a head at Marburg in 1529.  Between these two critical dates amidst disputing with the Papists and the Anabaptists, Zwingli had to explain to friends and foes his view. … Continue reading

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