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All Contemporary Christian Music

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Dear Trump Supporters…

How can you feel good about this and what do you think it suggests about you?

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The Bee Stings the Pence Dining Habit Bashers

Thank you Bill Clinton for chiming in.

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Daniel as an Americanized Apocalypse

Set in the context of Judean resistance against the Seleucid Empire, Daniel addresses issues such as diaspora, identity, empire, and power. The first biblical apocalypse models how to survive faithfully within a hostile foreign culture, and it voices a full-throated … Continue reading

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The Newman University Lecture Will Be Quite Militant…

As you can see from the poster…

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Rick Warren’s False Teaching

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In a Forthcoming Essay Tilling Notes of Wright…

Wright claims that withdrawal from these larger narratives held “a good deal of mid-twentieth-century … monster daddy to daddy. Stunning! [NB- Tilling uses voice recognition software and his little boy paid him a visit whilst it was still on.  Still, … Continue reading

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A Gender Minded Workshop in Finland

The 911 is here. The video lectures of the 2nd workshop on Gender, Methodology, and the Ancient Near East, which was held in Barcelona in February 2017 (full program here and a report here), are now online.

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#ICYMI – Free Greek And Hebrew Flashcards from Logos

Originally posted 31 March, 2014- Pretty neat really- We’re pleased to bring you a new app for Android and iOS—Flashcards for Greek and Hebrew. It’s a powerful new tool for students of Scripture: whether you’re studying for a test or preaching through Ruth, … Continue reading

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Luther to the GOP

You are like the ostrich, the foolish bird which thinks it is wholly concealed when it gets its neck under a branch. Or like small children, who hold their hands in front of their eyes and seeing nobody imagine that … Continue reading

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For the Christian it’s Either Chastity or Marriage

For a Christian there is nothing between chastity and marriage. He must either live chastely or marry. — Huldrych Zwingli

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To The Silly People Complaining About Mike Pence’s Eating Habits

The fact that you are pretending moral superiority because married men choose a policy of avoiding tenuous situations is the height of hypocritical posturing.  Evidently a segment of society wants men to respect women. Unless they’re married to one. And … Continue reading

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A Better Poster

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I Was Too Sick to Do it In January, So We’ve Rescheduled It To September…

And I’ve corrected the date on the poster…  but my photoshop skills leave much to be desired… The topic of my lecture is actually quite serious- On The Intersection of Academic Biblical Scholarship and the Life of the Church.  So … Continue reading

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Reformation Thursday- Erasmus or Luther?

I put up with this church, in the hope that one day it will become better, just as it is constrained to put up with me in the hope that I will become better.—Desiderius Erasmus Give it a read.

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Bruce Gordon – Reflections on Prison and Exile in John Calvin

Watch the lecture Prof Gordon delivered at SEBTS here.

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The Birth-iversary of Biblical Theology

You may not know this, but today’s an important day in the history of Biblical scholarship.  It’s the ‘birthday’ of Biblical Theology.  Yes, it was on the 30th of March, 1787, that Gabler delivered his epoch making speech „De iusto … Continue reading

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Ming Hua News

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The ‘Christian Century’ Sure Isn’t What It Used To Be

1- You don’t receive anyone’s prayers unless you’re God. 2- If you don’t know you’re going to die, you’ve not been paying attention.  At all.

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A Unique Portrait of Calvin

Read about it here.

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