She’s A Boy- Until It’s Inconvenient And then She’s A Girl

The Texas state wrestling championships aren’t usually national news. But they made headlines this weekend when a 17-year-old transgender boy — barred by state rules from competing in the boys’ league — won his weight class, against girls.

Mack Beggs, the teenage boy in question, hasn’t sought the spotlight. By all accounts he just wants to wrestle.

But media attention found him anyway. In part, that’s because some parents of female wrestlers have vocally objected to the fact that Beggs, who has been taking testosterone as part of his gender transition, is wrestling girls. One parent even filed a lawsuit against the league that organizes public school sports.


Look, it is an absurdity to insist that (her/his) transgenderism be recognized (she’s now a boy) and then negate that insistence (she’s a girl so she should wrestle girls) simply for the sake of, and in the name of, sport. The hypocrisy of transgenderism is stunning in this case as it wants to be seen as legitimate until it is inconvenient. Were she serious about her identity, she would refuse to wrestle a girl.  If she (he) sees herself as a male, what business does she (he) have abandoning that insistence simply to compete in a sport?

We’ve entered the Twilight Zone.