The Truth About Bonhoeffer, From a German’s Perspective

Ralph Keen remarked

I’ve been recalling a conversation about Bonhoeffer I had a year ago with my graduate assistant. As a German, she made the useful point that he and his associates were educated bourgeois committed to preserving the order of which they were beneficiaries. They are thus, in her view, less heroic than the martyrs in defense of the persecuted that they’re usually seen to be.

She is correct.  Bonhoeffer was hardly the martyr, or even the rebel, that his 21st century American sycophants have made him out to be.  Instead, he was just one of many from power in power to preserve power.  That, frankly, is why he was involved in the plot to murder Hitler.  Hitler was a threat (and a very real one) to the power of the bourgeois.

More Americans should have a chat with a German.