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A Webinar About the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception Online
Thursday, February 23, 12pm CST

De Gruyter and SCELC have partnered to offer a shared purchase model for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception Online and SCELC will be hosting a webinar for interested libraries to learn more about the resource and the offer. The offer is a one-time outright purchase model conferring ownership of the 30 volume set (13 are complete as of 2016) on each individual purchasing library with no ongoing fees. Orders will accumulate until the shared purchase price is reached, and then a new shared purchase will begin. Order forms are due by May 15, 2017, but purchases will be made on a first come-first served basis. All ATLA libraries are eligible to participate in this shared purchase.

Please see the SCELC offer page for more detail:

On the day of the webinar, you can join here and use your computer for audio or call in from a phone.

United States: +1 (224) 501-3216
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9391
Access Code: 940-059-309

This Is Why I Believe in the Death Penalty for Child Abusers

virgo-county-sheriff-s-office-4-arrested-1487865916Four people have been arrested in the death of 9-year-old Indiana boy with cerebral palsy who authorities say was malnourished and neglected. The Vigo County Sheriff’s Office says officers responded Tuesday to a 911 call about a child in cardiac arrest at a home near Fontanet, 60 miles west of Indianapolis. Cameron R. Hoopingarner was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Sheriff Greg Ewing says Cameron was blind and weighed less than 15 pounds. Ewing says it’s “beyond terrible.” State police and sheriff’s officials arrested four people who live at the home, including the child’s two guardians. Charges include neglect of a dependent resulting in death. The four are being held in the Vigo County Jail under a $250,000 bond and are scheduled to face charges in court Thursday afternoon.

They are inhuman.  They are murderers of a child.  They are utterly depraved, without consciences and without any redeeming qualities. They need to be put down, like the rabid animals that they are.

Reformation Thursday: One of the Reformation’s Most Amazing Women

zellYou remind me that the Apostle Paul told women to be silent in the church. I would remind you of the word of this same apostle that in Christ there is no longer male nor female and of the prophecy of Joel: “I will pour my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters will prophesy.” I do not pretend to be John the Baptist rebuking the Pharisees. I do not claim to be Nathan upbraiding David. I aspire only to be Balaam’s ass, castigating his master.—Katharina Zell

Read the essay.   Oh, and nice work, Debbie.

Christoph Heilig on Ancient Languages

Over in Zurich…  give it a look.  (I can’t enthusiastically endorse or recommend it for quite capricious reasons.  I.e., in a fixed contest for a book, I lost.  So clearly it was fixed.  So, anyway, I’m not embittered against the Zurichers… just the one who fixed the contest and forced me to lose even though I should have won).

Well How Fun is That!


They Held a Vigil… For… A Bull….

So it’s going to be one of those days, is it…

There was an unusual candlelight memorial Wednesday night in front of a slaughterhouse in Queens. They’re remembering the bull who escaped certain death Tuesday and took over the streets. Cops couldn’t exactly get him to heel so they shot him with tranquilizers and he died.

The people at the vigil wonder if the bull could have been saved.  “No one deserves cruelty, abuse, torture or murder,” a protester said.  The turnout was strong.  “We’re here fighting for our brother,” another protester said.  The mood was grim.

Oh my.  The foolishness… It burns.