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Dilly Of the Year Winner

Maybe of the decade.


Anyway, ‘Phil’, here’s your well deserved award.  Wear it proudly.


Nope- I just Don’t Have Any Interest In  A Book About An Apostate

Quote of the Day

THE fellowship which we experience with Christ through faith is not an objective permanent fact, but the gift of God which becomes a reality for us solely through the power of the Holy Spirit operative in response to our faith. We are always in danger of misunderstanding this. We are inclined to seek peace and satisfaction within ourselves instead of lifting up our hearts to the source of all life. “Our faith would quickly dissolve if God did not test it by manifold trials.” (Calvin) —  Wilhelm Niesel

From Jesus to his First Followers: Continuity and Discontinuity

Brill have sent a review copy of this new volume:

54589From Jesus to His First Followers examines to what extent early Christian groups were in continuity or discontinuity with respect to Jesus. Adriana Destro and Mauro Pesce concentrate on the transformation of religious practices. Their anthropological-historical analysis focuses on the relations between discipleship and households, on the models of contact with the supernatural world, and on cohabitation among distinct religious groups. The book highlights how Matthew uses non-Jewish instruments of legitimation, John reformulates religious experiences through symbolized domestic slavery, Paul adopts a religious practice diffused in Roman-Hellenistic environments. The book reconstructs the map of early Christian groups in the Land of Israel and explains their divergences on the basis of an original theory of the local origin of Gospels’ information.

More in the not too distant future.

The Penalty for Plagiarism Is About To Get Deservedly Harsh

University students could be fined or handed criminal records for plagiarised essays, new proposals suggest.


University students who buy essays online face fines and a criminal record under plans to punish plagiarism being considered by the government.

For the first time, students caught cheating could be criminalised amid fears that a burgeoning “essay mills” industry is threatening the quality of a British university degree.

Last month The Telegraph revealed that upwards of 20,000 students enrolled at British universities are paying up to £6,750 for bespoke essays in order to obtain degrees.


Bible Gateway’s Whitewashed Bonhoeffer


Well to be accurate, actually he was part of a plot to murder Hitler.  A bit different than the quite benign ‘resisting Hitler’ bit above.   I.e., he wasn’t an innocent martyr but a man taking part in a plan to commit murder. That goal right or wrong, it’s nonetheless quite inappropriate for Christians to plan murders.

Bible Gateway has whitewashed Bonhoeffer.  That may sell in middle America among the unlearned and ignorant readers of Eric Metaxas, but it won’t work historically.

Sausage in Zurich

sausageSausages are getting a bit of press this Reformation year…

Fleischliche Gelüste in die Nähe von religiösen Gepflogenheiten zu bringen, ist ein heikles Unterfangen. Geht es aber um die Wurst, dann machen Christen eine Ausnahme. Die Katholiken greifen am Schüblig-Ziischtig, dem Dienstag vor Aschermittwoch, letztmals beherzt in den Wursttopf, um hernach bis Ostern zu darben: Fastenzeit nennt sich diese vierzigtägige Kasteiung, in der den fleischlichen Gelüsten aus Küche und Vorratskammer entsagt werden muss.

Dem Zürcher Reformator Huldrych Zwingli war dieser Brauch höchst suspekt. Das katholische Fastengebot bot ihm Anlass zu einer unerhörten Provokation. Er lud absichtlich und extra am ersten Fastensonntag des Jahres 1522 zu einem Wurst-Essen ins Haus des Buchdruckers Christoph Froschauer. Der Buchdrucker und seine Gesellen langten wacker zu. Zwingli selber ass nicht mit. Aber er sorgte dafür, dass der Frevel ruchbar wurde. Jedenfalls kam es zum Eklat, und im Hohen Rat wurde Zwinglis sündige Übertretung verurteilt. Wie die Strafe ausfiel, ist nicht überliefert. Zwingli hat es jedenfalls unversehrt überlebt. Mehr noch: Nur ein Jahr später drehte der Grosse Rat zu Zürich seine Meinung um 180 Grad und hob das katholische Fastengebot auf. Zwingli hatte gesiegt. Wurst sei Dank.