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Trump Time

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The Bee Stings the Silly Angry Atheists

Anyone with a brain knows that ‘god’ doesn’t exist. Science proves it. Pure reason and logic prove it. Neil Degrasse Tyson even said so on the Cosmos reboot. And that’s why I have devoted my life to one purpose and … Continue reading

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Jerry Falwell Jr and Franklin Graham and Eric Metaxas and Their Ilk Enabled Milo

This essay is SPOT ON. Milo’s ascent over the last year was, to a tragic extent, enabled by the willingness of some evangelical leaders to offer their endorsement for the very behavior on display today. In 2016, there was a … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times (Photo Used Without Permission)

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Quote of the Day: Papist Idiots

I disputed with complete sincerity until I realized that our [Papist] professors are idiots and swine. Since then, as Latomus himself admits, I have not claimed that I was engaging in scholarly discussion, but rather was ready to expose myself to … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Rob Bell’s Pseudo-Faith, Again

According to sources close to author and speaker Rob Bell, the ex-pastor has finally denied the last remaining doctrine of the Christian faith he had not already mounted an all-out assault against. Bell had been scraping the bottom of the … Continue reading

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A New Commentary on Numbers

This book provides a new reading of the biblical book of Numbers in a commentary form. Mainstream readings have tended to see the book as a haphazard junkyard of material that connects Genesis-Leviticus with Deuteronomy (and Joshua) and that has … Continue reading

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A History of Biblical Israel

This new book from Equinox is excellent.  Indeed, it is the finest history of Israel written in the last 5 decades. There was probably only one past, but there are many different histories. As mental representations of narrow segments of the … Continue reading

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We Must Constantly Remind Ourselves: Women Played as Important a Role in the Reformation as Men

So, for starters, read this: Wer die Diskussion und Beiträge zum Reformationsjubiläum 2017 verfolgt, könnte bei flüchtiger Betrachtung den Eindruck haben, die Reformation hätten allein Männer vor 500 Jahren geprägt. Allenfalls Katharina von Bora, die Ehefrau Martin Luthers, findet in … Continue reading

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Fewer People In America Are Attending Church Than Ever Before

While tens of millions of Americans attend church each weekend, the practice has declined in recent years. According to Barna Group’s 2014 tracking data, overall church attendance has dipped from 43% in 2004 to 36% today. But beyond a dip … Continue reading

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Where there is No Church Discipline, There is No Church

In 1538 Calvin was beset all around by difficulties.  Indeed… Calvin was fettered not only in his preaching but still more in the discharge of his pastoral duties. ‘In general,’ he wrote to Bullinger, February 21, ‘we are looked on … Continue reading

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#ICYMI – Did You Know Karl Barth Smoked A Cigar in Church?

Our friends at Ref.ch have directed us to a really fantastic essay today about church conduct.  You must read it.  It begins- Der Theologe Karl Barth soll sich einst in der Kirche eine Zigarre angesteckt haben, um zu zeigen, dass … Continue reading

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