The Stupidest Question That Has Ever Been Asked in the History of Christianity

Is this one: Can Tom Wright save Christianity?

No. And Christianity doesn’t need saving and if it did it already has a Lord and his name isn’t Tom Wright its Jesus. You would think a Baptist, of all people, would know that. Evidently not.

The gospel Wright talks about costs everything, but for young men and women who want Jesus but are dismayed by most of his current followers, the more costly article is deeply attractive. Will these people gather themselves into conventional churches? Are conventional churches even capable of embracing a gospel this radical?

Likely not. But the leavening influence of Wright’s big idea can already be felt in our churches (whether people have heard of Tom Wright or not). Growing numbers of evangelical and post-evangelical Christians have discovered an alternative to the thin gruel of American spirituality, and that should make us very happy.

If we’re idiots who are willing to adopt a ‘gospel’ the Galatians would have loved, sure. But not if we’re Christians.  One thing, though, is true- when it comes to being a sycophant of Wright, Alan Bean is in the sycophant league of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  And that’s saying something.