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The Myth of the Meritocracy

Elite universities don’t offer poor and working-class students class mobility — they maintain a rigid class hierarchy. That’s the thesis of this well written and well argued essay. In light of a recent report examining the concentration of wealthy students in American … Continue reading

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Dale Martin May be From Yale, But He’s Dead Wrong

Dale Martin rejects the idea that there is a “correct” way to interpret Biblical passages. That might make some Christians uncomfortable, but Martin says the idea of unequivocal Biblical interpretation is a relatively new concept and not reflective of the … Continue reading

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Emergent Snowflakes, Take Note

There can be no greater mistake than to suppose that Jesus ever separated theology from ethics. – Machen And he’s absolutely right. There is no Christian ethic apart from theology. No authentic or meaningful ethic that is.

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Donald Trump is The Black Knight

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Gutenberg’s Bible Online

La Bibliothèque nationale de France (BNF) a mis en ligne la Bible de Gutenberg. Disponibles sur son site Gallica depuis fin janvier 2017, deux exemplaires imprimés sur vélin et sur papier sont entièrement numérisés en haute définition, rapporte le site … Continue reading

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Peter Opitz on Huldrych Zwingli: The Interview

Tragen Sie mit Hinweisen zu diesem Artikel bei oder melden Sie uns Fehler. Sie haben sich intensiv mit der Reformationszeit beschäftigt. Würden Sie gerne eine Zeitreise ins Zürich vor 500 Jahren machen? Ich würde mich sehr gerne in die Zeit … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Question That Has Ever Been Asked in the History of Christianity

Is this one: Can Tom Wright save Christianity? No. And Christianity doesn’t need saving and if it did it already has a Lord and his name isn’t Tom Wright its Jesus. You would think a Baptist, of all people, would … Continue reading

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The New Semester Commences

Best wishes to all our Ming Hua students for a great semester filled with learning and personal growth.

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Jerome: On Errors in His Rendering of the Bible

If … you find errors or omissions which interfere with the sense, these you must impute not to me but to your own servants; they are due to the ignorance or carelessness of the copyists, who write down not what … Continue reading

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