Beware of Melancholy

lutherWhen on February 19, 1533, he [Martin Luther] was suffering exceedingly from pains in the head, he said, “I believe firmly that I don’t have these headaches and stomach pains because I work too hard, although this contributes somewhat, but rather because of my thoughts in spiritual assaults. I think it is clear that I’m in a condition like David’s, who as an old man couldn’t be warmed by a maiden253 because he was so exhausted by his temptations and thoughts. These so weakened him that he had to endure many a severe trial.

“Therefore I advise you young fellows (this he said to me and Henry Schneidewein and Peter Weller in the presence of Pomeranus): Beware of melancholy, for it is forbidden by God because it’s so destructive to the body.” — Martin Luther

Easier said than done…