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Conservatives and CPAC- Your Hero Milo? He’s A Pederast

Here is the uncut 5 minute video of Milo Yiannopoulos advocating for Pederasty involving “13 Year old” and “older men.” HIS WORDS. And you admire him for his ‘honesty’ and ‘forthrightness’?  You’re as disgusting as he is if you admire … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times


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A New Twitter Tweeter to Follow: @Reform500

Here. Jubilé de la Réforme en Suisse. Jubiläum der Reformation in der Schweiz. Utilisez svp. le #reform500ch Benutzen Sie bitte #reform500ch

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The Bonnet Mocks the Angry Atheists

Hotel chain to replace Gideon Bibles with Dawkins’ ‘God Delusion’ According to a recently-leaked company memo, all 200+ locations of mid-range hotel chain StayzInn, will be removing their Gideon Bibles at the end of the month and will replace them with … Continue reading

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You May Not Be Silent in the Face of Antisemitism

James Earnest writes It is not permissible for confessing Christians in the United States today to sit back and say nothing in the face of intimations of the rise of a nationalist-racialist ideology, or of a species of political religion … Continue reading

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