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Luther Was Bright, But He Was a Papist About Baptism, and thus Wrong

“Luther always wrote that Baptism removes the guilt of original sin, although the material of sin, as they call it, viz., concupiscence, remains.”* Nope. Original sin in the Augustinian sense is total rubbish. Scripture doesn’t know it and Augustine made … Continue reading

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A Presidential Gallery Worthy of the President- Donald Trump

With appreciation to the BBC for putting it together, along with others not here included:

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‘The Shack’

Public notice: ‘The Shack’ is not Christian theology.  It’s imaginary Hollywoodism.  If you get your theology from Hollywood, well you’re nuts.

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The House Where Luther Died

Has its own website.  Enjoy.

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Von Barmen Nach Basel: A Symposium on Barth’s Last Year in Germany

The University of Basel is hosting this event:

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Luther: There Will Never Be Peace With The Papacy

I cannot imagine how there can be peace between us and the Papists, for neither part will yield to the other, and there is an everlasting war between the woman’s seed and the old serpent; they never are weary of … Continue reading

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Hate Yourself?

Go to this….

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Luther: On the Stupidity of Adam and Eve’s Attempt to Hide From God

Is it not the height of stupidity, in the first place, to attempt the impossible, to try to avoid God, whom they cannot avoid? In the second place, to attempt to avoid Him in so stupid a way, that they … Continue reading

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A Luther Gallery on the Anniversary of His Death

This gallery contains 15 photos.


Luther’s Death Chamber

From the lovely folk in Anhalt-Sachsen Soon after Luthers death, visitors came to Coburg in order to see “Doctor Luther’s rooms”. In the 19th century, the remembrance of the Reformer’s stay gained increasing significance for the self-conception of the house of … Continue reading

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Luther’s Death

February 18, 1546: Martin Luther dies in Eisleben of an apparent heart attack in the early hours of the morning. Martin’s health had been a concern of his for years. Long periods of depravation in the monastery had contributed to … Continue reading

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