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The Lessons Of History…

Marie Antoinette thought she was too wealthy to be touched by the nation’s wrath.  #TheMoreYouKnow

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The Dangerous Business of Bible Publishing in the Sixteenth Century

Originally posted on Hendrickson Publishers Blog:
by Carl Nellis, Associate Editor ‘It was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth, except the Scripture were laid before their eyes in their mother tongue.’ —William Tyndale [1] The story of…

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If You’re on Facebook You Know About Their Bizarre ‘Quizzes’

This one is my favorite and I am compelled, yea, compelled, to share it.

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The Bee Stings the Litigious Homosexuals

A new online wedding registry will allow same-sex couples to choose which Christian florist they plan to sue and permanently put out of business as they celebrate their union. Because, let’s face it, what’s your ‘big day’ about besides forcing … Continue reading

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Remembering Ernst Käsemann

Everyone knows his name- his scholarship- and his significance.  He was born on the 12th of July in 1906.  He died several years ago, on 17 February 1998.  And he is still worth reading and knowing. A book recently published … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

Via Phil Snider on Facebook-

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If You’re in My Neck of the Woods…

Consider yourself invited-

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What Luther Thinks of ‘Evangelicalism’

  He went on to remark But what do you say? “Come here, Satan! And if you had more worlds than this, I would accept them all , and not only worship you, but also lick your behind.”

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More Evidence that the Word ‘Evangelical’ is Meaningless

It certainly doesn’t mean Christian.

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Where Do Ashes for Ash Wednesday Come From? Cremated Pets

Local Catholic dimwit Elton Price admitted to friends today that he had absolutely no clue that ashes used during Ash Wednesday Masses came from cremated pets. The parish ignoramus, who up until last week didn’t even know that Catholics worship Mary, … Continue reading

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The Most Disapproved of President in his First Month in American History

And this poll was taken before Trump’s unhinged and insane press conference of 16 February: The latest Pew Research Center poll released Thursday shows Trump at a historic low compared with prior presidents in their first weeks in office. The … Continue reading

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Luther Sings For The Pope

Someone thought Luther and the Pope ought to get along… and that Calvin should join the gang… Peace urges the churches to tolerance, Northern Netherlands, 1600-1624, RMCC s48 Peace, Calvin, the Pope, Luther, and Menno Simons

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