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Ann Coulter Is Not a Christian, But She is A Pagan

No Christian could say what she has said.  There’s only one head of the Church and that’s Christ himself.  And Trump is not Christ, nor is he Christian.

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This May Interest Some: The Hendrickson Review Program

Do you like reading and reviewing new books hot off the press? Do you have an engaging blog with faithful followers? If so, we’d love to connect. The Hendrickson Review Program is a great way to receive advanced notice of … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Coffee Drinkers!

They may have stepped over the line this time. According to sources close to local man Alan Carter, the believer in Christ exhibits absolutely no evidence of being saved, from the time he wakes up each morning until the moment … Continue reading

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Still More From our Saxon Friends on Melanchthon…

And a portrait of him I had never seen before: Heute vor 520 Jahren, am 16. Februar 1497, wurde Philipp Melanchthon geboren.  Humanist, Reformator, Praeceptor Germaniae („Lehrer Deutschlands“), Außenminister der Reformation, Vater der Ökumene – mit all diesen Titeln wurde … Continue reading

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Heinrich Schmid: On Melanchthon

PHILIP MELANCHTHON, or MELANTHON (often incorrectly spelled Melancthon), born 1497; professor at Wittenberg, 1518 to his death, 1560. The foundation of Lutheran Systematic Theology was laid in his Loci Communes Rerum Theologicarum seu Hypotyposes Theologicæ (1521), which had its origin … Continue reading

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Melanchthon: On Revelation

“The Church acknowledges God as such an eternal and omnipotent Creator as he has revealed himself to be, and, although we cannot thoroughly understand these mysteries, yet in this life, God wishes this our knowledge and worship of him to … Continue reading

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A Melanchthon Gallery For Melanchthon’s Birthday

This gallery contains 13 photos.


NT Wright Has Been Relegated to Northern League, Division One

@PhDurhamOT  tweets-  Reading Martin’s new book. No mention of NT Wright: index; Bibliography; key “new perspectives on Paul” works. Lots of angry hipster pastors Wright where he belongs.

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Melanchthon’s Birthday: Read Him

Philipp Melanchthon (E-Rara) Philipp Melanchthon – (PRDL) Philipp Melanchthon’s Opera Omnia Philipp Melanchthon’s Works (Bretten) Philipp Melanchthon’s Works (CR) Philipp Melanchthon, Melanchthoni Opera

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Fox News is Under a Criminal Investigation

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office is conducting a criminal investigation into Fox News, an attorney involved and sources familiar with the matter told ABC News. Judd Burstein, an attorney representing former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros, said during a hearing … Continue reading

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More From The Saxons on Melanchthon

DER EWIG ZWEITE Philipp Melanchthon hat heute Geburtstag: Das “Griechlein”, wie Philipp Melanchthon auch von Martin Luther genannt wurde, war einer der engsten Freunde des Reformators. Freilich eine Freundschaft mit Widersprüchen. Melanchthon, der angebliche “Leisetreter”, stand allzu oft im Schatten … Continue reading

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Punishment of the Greedy

Punishment of the greedy Compost et calendrier des bergers, [Paris: Guy Marchant, 1493] (Angers, Bibliothèque municipale, SA 3390, fol. 35v)

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Happy Birthday Melanchthon

Our Saxon friends write Aside from Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon is considered Germany’s most important Protestant reformer. Even as a child, he impressed others through his extraordinary aptitude for ancient languages. His mentor, Johannes Reuchlin, recognised this talent in 1509 … Continue reading

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