Fun Facts from Church History: The Reburial of Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Wife

Did you know that Reginald Pole, erstwhile friend of Peter Martyr Vermigli, actually had Vermigli’s wife exhumed so her body could be tossed on a pile of dung (as a show of contempt) for the good woman’s Reformation views?  Well it was on this day that her body was recovered and burned and the ashes mingled with the ashes of the Patron Saint of Oxford University (so they wouldn’t be disturbed or bothered again).

@jdmccafferty (whom you should definitely follow) tweets the reminder of the reburial on today’s date:

15 Feb 1553: exhumation Catherine Dammartin (ex-#nuntastic) wife of Peter Vermigli, tried for heresy. Reburied w/ S.Frideswide 1558 #Oxford